Operation Feta-Week 1

Day 1 - Set up base of operations today. F*ckin birds are loud as hell. Mark's new equipment is holding up well, you'd think that the folding walls would be really weak. I don't think I'm going to complete the mission anytime soon. It's humid as all hell and the jungle is thick as f*ck. I finished setting up my recording software but the camera got busted half way through the ride. Now I'm stuck typing this out. Welp I finished setting up the base today, got a roof over my head and a warm bed.
-End Log #1-U2748-

Day 2 - Took a look around the base today and set up my temporary farm. It's just a little greenhouse nothing much. These birds are screeching like f*ckin banshees so I have to blast music whenever I go outside. Haven't seen any signs of other animals yet, don't know if that's a good sign or not. The walls have scratch marks tho so there is definitely something. Gonna pack the rover and go exploring tomorrow. I also need to finish setting up the perimeter cameras, its like 21:00 rn.
-End Log #2-U2748-

Day 3 - I'm in a tent right now around 50km away from my base. Hopefully it doesn't get torn down while I'm gone. Saw some pretty crazy ars sh*t on my way here. So apparently crocodiles are absolutely massive here, saw some kind of deer looking thing bookin it away from the croc. Tents pretty cozy, the birds finally learned how to SHUT THE F*CK UP. It was a long day.
-End Log #3-U2748-

Day 4 - Got back from my trip today. Nothing really that new except that the farm started growing crops already. The birds are back…I'm going to move soon, I can't take this for much longer. I saw some little lookin furry creatures with 6 legs, maybe I can tame one of them. Imma try tomorrow then I'm gonna move.
-End Log #4-U2748-

Day 5 - Folding the walls back down was a f*cking pain in the ars. Anyway I got the base locked down and loaded it back into the ship and took off. I went back to the area that I scouted out earlier. The place I drove by apparently was a gigantic swamp, glad I didn't stick around. When I got there I had just enough time set up the base. I spent most of the morning packing and luring the furry guys with pieces of steak, they weren't buying it. At least the birds are gone now. The climate didn't change much, still moist and humid as f*ck, I saw an open field on the way here. Hopefully this entire planet isn't jungle.
-End Log #5-U2748-

Day 6 - Slept all day sleeping.
-End Log #6-U2748-

Day 7 - Slept all day sleeping.
-End Log #7-U2748-

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