Gaff's Boojie Box

Laura felt the family's pleas etch on her palm. "Last night, I woke up, and there was this creature staring at me. Just staring from the side of the room. I screamed, but no sound came out," one of them said, probably the wife. Ratch had a hard time with multiple people. There was a reason Laura avoided crowds.

"We tried other… well, y'know, before, but they weren't much help, to be honest," said one of the family. Laura nodded. She hoped she was nodding at the correct person. "Then we heard about you and your, well, your gift, we thought it might be a good fit."

"Her gift." It was always something like that. The fact she couldn't hear was a "specialty." Her deafness was an "ability." The combination made up a "talent" or a "skill" she apparently possessed. One client had described succinctly as her "thing." It was always something separate, something given or received or attained. Something comfortably non-specific, that could be extracted from her. They made it sound so easy.

At least they weren't calling her "brave" for continuing to live while deafblind.

Ratch continued to sign away on the palm of her hand. She had bound the daemon to herself some time ago, back when her sight had first begun to deteriorate. Since then, the daemon had begun to

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