Green's Sandbox

…as told by a Townsend.

Eventually, I will realize… that escaping to a different time, different place, can give a sense of emotional bliss, a peaceful catharsis, and, with enough awareness, become trapped in it.

Place the feathers on the fountain, in a circular pattern, then walk among the rest.

I saw myself outside near the cotton shed where the fields of dairies and cornflowers welt. Up above are the green skies, stale, covered in clouds, no sun, not even a beam of light. There might be somebody, but I am alone. The place I'm in now is not my world, it is an escape.

I heard the teal tailed beast and bees in their inscrutable debate, a way with words they have I must say. They ignore me, but they kept talking, I heard everything, but I cannot understand, "everything else is dead air sir, nothing to see here", I went back to the fields but then…

I felt the tip of the broken needle as the part-time haberdasher sneaked in the cotton homes, possibly to shill the young maiden. I feel that he is someone that I shouldn't be involved with, fortunately, I didn't had the heart to tell him as he kept the needle and walked away…

I smell the ever-lasting aroma of the cornflowers foliage, oh if only I could keep one, how will the sisters be proud. Oh, and I tasted the rotten dairies, t'was a good one as they say at the faeries'.

Sad to say I was going to miss the place, why so soon? If I could skin a wingless angel again, that'd be great.

Stay with me until the apocalypse sings

Sinners shall sing,
Good men reciting,
Whores breaking touch,
Men loosing love.

How long will it be,
To finally see,
The world that was spinning,
To end with our singing.

Hold me just one more time,
It all feels like a crime,
To end it all finally,
To let choirs sing madly.

So let us see each other,
Halfway across the border,
Out the end of the world,
Together, we are curled.

So to it all, is just bittersweet feelings.
So to it all, I still feel your heart beating

Stay with me until the apocalypse sings.

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