A Horrifying Flower

On the top of a hill, in a place unknown, in a time unknown, there grows a tree, high and mighty. It stands taller than the hills around, growing without stop. There lies a flower underneath that tree, more beautiful than the tree but much smaller. It looks like a large orchid with six flowers and three petals on each flower. The petals were all bright pink on the outside and gradually be came whiter toward the center. The stem was thin and bright green with three leaves on it all the same bright green color. On the outskirts of the hills it is blank. There seems to be nothing there, many stories have been made about the outside, some say it is full of monsters, some say it is where the gods rule from, some say there is nothing beyond the blankness or that it does not even exist at all, but no one would ever know because the only thing that people know are the hills, the tree, and most importantly the flower.

People always seem to focus on the flower never paying attention to the other things around them. They never worry about anything but the flower, only turning to look at the other things around them for small amounts of time, as to not subtract the time they have looking at the flower. The people seem to be content with the life of staring at the flower, and they never complain or question why they did not look away. The people were happy.

At another unknown time there came a different kind of person, someone not of the world that all the others lived in. Whether the mysterious man was a space traveller or from another dimension or even from the blankness the people did not talk to him or even acknowledge him. The people did not want to waste what time they had with the flower, seeing it in all its beauty.

"Hello", said the mysterious man.
"Hello", he said a little louder when he did not get a response.
"HELLO", he yelled even louder.

"Hello", responded one of the people.
"We are all quite busy and we would rather you go away and let us focus on what we have to do. Clearly you are not from here and so I would not expect you to know about what is happening, but what I will tell you is that it is very important."

The mysterious man wanted to ask more questions about the place he was in, but he had thought about what the other man had said, and he decided to respect his wishes to be left alone. The mysterious man walked around, yet he only found the tree and the hills it stands upon. The mysterious man decided to have some fun while he was there and climbed the tree. At the top of the tree he could see everything, including the blankness. He looked at it with curiosity, but not the kind you have when you have first discovered something, but the feeling you get when something that you already knew is in a different place.

The mysterious man had gotten out of the tree and started to walk in one direction. It seemed he was determined to see what the blankness was like or what lied within. After some time he had gotten a lot closer to the blankness and likened it to the black sky you see when looking up on the edge of a big city. It was mainly black with a quick bit flash coming through every now and then. The mysterious man was excited to go and see the blankness and had even hurried up to get to it faster.

When the mysterious man had reached the blankness he saw that it acted more as a dome around the hills, tree, and flower, and not a wall. When he had reached the blankness he heard what sounded like a yawn or whisper. He had gone up to the blankness and saw a creature unknown to him. The blankness blurred its appearance. However, the mysterious man thought it was large and bubbling with large hands, arms, legs, and feet. It was huge. Even though it was only about thirty feet tall, it seemed to stretch infinitely outward, giving it an infinite depth. When the mysterious man went up to touch the blankness the bubbling became more violent and thrashed the creature around. Once he had gotten to a fingertips length away from the glass he could see the creature with more clarity, as if the world brightened up to let the mysterious man see the what was in the blankness. The beast looked as if it were boiling and it thrashed so hard it exploded and turned into a mix of thousands of human looking creatures.

The creatures were made of what seemed like muscle, but the blankness obscured the color. They had no eyes or ears, and there was no mouth, nose, or skin, it was simply just muscle. The mysterious man wanted to get a closer look at the creatures, they did scare him a little, but they intrigued him more than anything. However, when the mysterious man tried to walk through, one of the creatures blocked him. He tried to push back the creature, but it would not move at all, and so the mysterious man had given up on trying to get any further, and instead went away to ask the people of the word what this was.

When the mysterious man had walked away from the wall, he noticed the large creature put itself back together, but he did not acknowledge it for too long, because he knew he could not study the things in more detail. When the mysterious man had walked back to the people he remember what they said to him, but he decided to ask them questions anyway.

"Hello", he said.

There was no response from the people, and some had even covered their face with their hands.

"Hello, I was wondering if any of you could tell me about the wall at the end of this world?"

He tried asking the question again and again but never getting a response and so he had to make his own conclusion about what the thing was or its purpose. After trying to understand what the thing was or what it meant the mysterious man's mind started to drift toward the flower and he had quickly forgotten about trying to understand the thing, deciding to focus on the flower.

The mysterious man had finally taken a good look at the flower. He decided to do as the other did and stare at the flower, but this did not satisfy him so he went up to the flower for a closer look. He saw the flower was extremely beautiful, but he did not know why the people would not even talk to him just so that they could look at a flower.

"Hello, I want to ask why you stare at this flower all day."

This time when the mysterious man asked the question the people where more intrigued and they felt more inclined to answer it.

"The Flower is everything.", A person said
"It is all that is left for us, and so we stare at it and my-oh-my the beauty is nothing to scoff at. The flower is the most wonderful thing in this world"

"Do you ever get bored by doing the same thing all day? Is there anybody out there like me, who just wants to see the whole world instead of a flower?"

"How would we know. Those people who leave the flower usually come back and, even if they do not; we do not care much about them"

This disturbed the mysterious man. He had felt like the people did not care, and they did not. He went back to his question about the world to no response, but again the man asked about the flower and the people talked to him.

"What would happen if the flower did not exist? What would you all do?", Questioned the mysterious man.

"We would probably die, not because we are connected to the flower, but because we could not bear the pain of there being no flower. Yes, it must be strange to hear that we would die for such a little thing, but the flower is all we have. If there is no flower then the pain we would suffer would be greater then dying."

This final response by the people was the last straw for the mysterious man, and he decided that he had enough of this world and tried to leave. When the mysterious man had tried to find his portal, however, he could not find it. This threw him into a panic, and made him almost go insane.

"What if I never find the portal again. What will happen to me here. I DO NOT WANT TO STAY"

"Hush, Stop being so loud.", said someone in the crowd of people.
"I see the condition you are in is not favorable, but do not worry. They all have been in the same position as you. They all were once lost, but they found peace. They found it with the flower."

Soon a collection of six men went up to the mysterious man. Trying to convince him to join them in watching the flower. After the mysterious man had fought back at the idea of looking at the flower for the rest of his life the people grabbed him and pined him to the ground. The people people started to rip off the skin of the man and take out all of the muscle inside of him; the mysterious man screaming in pain all the while. Once the people were done tearing apart the muscle from the rest of the body they sewed the mysterious man up so he would look like how he did before the surgery. The skin was easily influenced to look at the flower all the time, putting up no resistance to the idea. However, the muscle did not want to watch the flower and had instead left, letting the wind take him as far away from the flower as possible.

The people inside still did what they always did and looked at the flower. They did not care about anything else. Nothing mattered to them but the flower. The hills, the tree, even the people were less loved then the flower. They never did stop; they looked eternally at the flower, they were so intrigued with the flower that most of them did not even notice another man coming to visit them. Whether the man was a space traveller or from another dimension or even from the blankness the people did not talk to him or even acknowledge him. The people kept on looking at the flower, and the people were happy.

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