3516 is a human reality bender capable of altering its current reality and creating new ones. These new realities are connected to Earth through semi-one sided “gates” see 3516-1a/2a. 3516 creates new realities through its night dreams. These new realities can range from being Utopian to places of utter Anarchy, 3516 will also affect its own reality when having daydreams. 3516 daydreaming effects may include movement of objects, alteration of material and small organisms, and pranks which affect staff and facilities. However 3516 may use its abilities to also attack staff and facilities if it is angered. This is to be avoided if possible. Instances of 3516-1a/2a are reality/spatial warping gates that allow personnel and objects to cross into newly made realities. (Note: Currently no instances of 3516-1a or 2a have been found working in tandem and are as such currently considered separate events.) The known ability to send over personnel currently is limited to Earths’ side of “gates' “. [See 3516-1a experiment log 1.] Small organisms have been found to cross over to Earth through gates when said organisms find and go through a gate by accident. [See 3516-1a addendum 1.] Contact with these new realities has been with personnel via un-manned drone video feed. [See Sabov exploration log 1.] 3516-1s’ dreams can be disrupted through the use of frequencies in the range of 30,000 to 42,000 hertz though the Foundation originally used white noise. [See 3516-1 addendum 1.] SCP 3516-1 was discovered in August, year 20 redacted during its’ 19th birthday after a spatial anomaly was detected by a civilian who could only describe a feeling of being “odd and out of place” when near the subject's home. Amnestics were administered to all citizens involved while 3516-1 was taken in for questioning before being contained by the Foundation see 3516-1 interview log 1. For more information on 3516-1 see 3516-1 addendum 1-3, interview logs 1-3, and experiment logs 1-4 Experiment log 4 relates to the connection between 3516-1 and 2 and thus will be pulled from to elaborate when needed.

3516-1 Experiment Log 1:
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3516-1 Experiment Log 2:
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3516-1 Experiment Log 3:
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3516-1 Experiment Log 4:
SCP 3516-1 was influenced by Foundation researcher Adam with Dr. Bright as witness using influence procedure 1 involving the use of a map, a mystery figure photo, and 3516-1s’ Foundation documents placed within sight of 3516-1 though not close enough that 3516-1 would be able to figure out what the items actually were. Once 3516-1 slept and began to dream researcher Adam began following using Redacted leading to the discovery and capture of SCP 3516-2 which required the use of Foundation Team Echo to track 3516-2 down in Alaska who secured 3516-2 on June 11 20 REDACTED, through the use of electrical paralytic weapons, no members of Echo were lost or injured during the capture.

Sabov Exploration Log 1:
Exploration permitted by O5 Council members (name, REDACTED
Begin Log: Foundation unmanned land/air drone Arc was equipped with dual end video/audio feed and flown to gate seven and was then sent through to to what is now known as Sobav where all feed cut for
22.3 seconds before resuming. Arc continued down a stone path that it had landed on examining local fauna much of which seemed very similar to that of Earth with a few exceptions such as deer with unusually sharp ended antlers and barbed upper thighs as well as a patch of vines growing upward without support up to 25 feet. Once 40 minutes had passed Arc came upon a Sabovan human worker who upon noticing Arc was surprised but quickly seemed to become intrigued talking to himself in what has been translated to be wondering what Arc was and how it had gotten there. At this point Foundation researcher Daniels activated his end of the video feed again startling the man who quickly composed himself and began communicating with Daniels, the conversation is as follows. Daniel: Hello? Are you able to hear me? Sabovan: Yes I can, may ask who you are? Daniel: My name is Daniel by what are you called sir? Sabovan: I am Oniska, I assume you are some sort of researcher? Daniel: That is correct, may I ask you a few questions about your planet? Oniska: Planet? I am unfamiliar with the term. Daniel: The world on which you live. Oniska: Ah, my worlds word for your planet is sarno, please ask away.

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