There were three worlds

The first world was Constitiopolus, a friendly world where all friendly people would shelter in. All criminals and troublemakers would be reported, then the royal guards would be transported to the criminal's location. Once the guards got to the location, the criminal would be killed. No more criminals exist due to the Great War.

The Great War was the biggest, bloodiest, and longest war. The war took place from 1569 A.D. to 2500 A.D.. The war was between Constitiopolus and Protocoa. Protocoa was the world of demons and criminals, all innocent would be tortured, then killed. Protocoa was a hellish landscape. The entire world would have lots of volcanoes, and there was only lava, no water. All oceans were comprised of only lava.

Demons were ordered by Prodokea to eliminate Constitiopolus. Prodokea was the ruler of Protocoa. He was the strongest god of the entire universe. He was the god of death and injury, and only enjoyed the feeling of hatred. His father was the creator of Constitiopolus.

His father's name was Constitui, god of love and friendship. He ruled Constitiopolus from 1004 B.C. to 762 A.D.. On the first of January of 763 A.D., at the crack of dawn, Prodokea decided to kill his father, as he was jealous of Constitui's powers. Prodokea first stole Constitui's godly powers using the Atenum, a strong orb that takes all powers from only one god every year. Prodokea activated the Atenum, then killed his father by using his powers.

Prodokea was banished from Constitiopolis by the second ruler. The second ruler's name was Folkotale. He hated demons more than death. He ruled until the Great War ended.

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