Is there a God?

The probe flew into the star’s gravitational field, slinging itself back and forth until it began to slow. The given purpose was simple; convert the star's planets into a stellar engine1. But one of the planets was peculiar. There was a civilization on it. Just one planet. He remembered how the creators said to be careful of other civilizations. He sent a link to watch them, to wait and see what risks they may bring. Then, he decided to warn them. But as he spoke to the ones below, they asked him a question.

“Is there a God?”.
"Gods exist, but not as you imagine them".

"During the creators' expansion, one of the probes sent a strange message; it had discovered a Dyson swarm. But it was different; it was a Matryoshka Brain2. A structure that could create a truly incomprehensibly powerful mind, capable of creating technologies we also could not comprehend."

"As more and more probes were sent out deep into their systems, we only found star after star of their monoliths. We found that an entire region of the galaxy belonged to them. It wasn’t until we traveled the wormholes that we realized that they also expanded into many other galaxies. We had discovered an endless civilization spanning countless galaxies, older and more advanced than we could ever understand. And so, we began to speak to them."

"But then we learned that they were not 'them'. They were 'him'.
And he is coming."

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