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Roasted Darion Brain.


  • 1 Young adult Darion's brain.
  • 3 Wyrm eggs.
  • A dash of sea minerals.
  • 2 hard handfuls of Sarden

Cooking instructions:

Heat up a grill or a magic flame to about 410 degrees Celsius.
First take the brain and skewer it, propping it up between two metal hooks. Take a stoneware pan and put it under your skewered brain.
In a separate dish, crack the three wyrm eggs and wisk thoroughly. Once the eggs are wisked add your dash of sea minerals.
Take your egg mix and 'wash' the brain in it, taking extra care not to make a huge mess. Nice the brain had been washed thoroughly, take your hard handfuls of Sarden and coat the top and bottom of the brain, this adds a crust that compliments the brain nicely.
After you are done preparing the brain, take the skewer and begin roasting. Depending on how well you followed the instructions, it should take about thirty minutes to an hour, the Brain is done when the crust is golden brown and the brain is just starting to loose excess fat. Serves 18.


Roasted brain is better than both raw and fried brain, more nutrition, richer taste, don't listen to those Eramites.

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