Rough Plot for Maritime Contest Piece:

A tramp freighter docks at the port of Misthaven - a coastal town - after a long day of ‘work’. The first mate, Salus, suggests that they should take a breather at the bar. The tramper’s crew enters the Misthaven bar, where we get a general feel of the crew.

Enter the government military to Misthaven. They’re led by Commander Yannis. Yannis and the regiment storm the bar, looking for a rumored half-Atlantean. Salus hides herself away. A soldier finds her and notifies Yannis - her goldenrod eyes are noted. Commander Yannis forces the tramper’s crew to locate Atlantis through the thick mists off the coast using Salus. The tramper captain initially hesitates to follow through, but Salus reassures him that it will be alright.

The tramper leaves port. It is shortly followed by Commander Yannis and a small detachment of battlecruisers. First few hours are relatively uneventful. Salus talks with the crew. A storm is brewing. Yannis connects the tramper to the lead battlecruiser. The storm rages. The crew try to keep the tramper under control. Strong winds blow a crewmember over the rails - Salus catches him. Her neckscarf comes off in the process, revealing her ‘gills’. Yannis and most of the soldiers notice. Some surprise.

Yannis (uncharacteristically) invites Salus over to the main battlecruiser for dinner. Apologizes for treating a pureblooded Atlantean like that. Takes off his high-collar and reveals he is a pureblood Atlantean himself - cannot see the homeland due to his lack of remembrance. Salus recognizes Yannis as a former Atlantean council ruler - and traitor. He explains he tried to share their gifts with the humans, but was exiled. Promises to take it for himself so he can decide what to do with it. She rebuffs him, goes back to the tramper. Mist gets heavier as they are closer to Atlantis.

Strike attack on one of the battlecruisers from the fog. The fleet returns fire into the mist. They are taken down one-by-one in a fiery demise. A stationed soldier on the tramper fires at the mist. Salus and the captain tackle and throw the rifle overboard. Yannis (on the deck of the his battlecruiser) notices and tells his ship not to fire. The connecting rope snaps, separating the tramper and the main battlecruiser.

Salus explains the secret of the mist to the crew of the tramper; a voice comes up from the depths. It’s Salus’s brother - Sancus, come to say hello. She is glad to see him, but she warns him of Yannis and the military. The tramper comes up upon Atlantis, and Sancus as well as others come to greet them.

The battlecruiser comes through the mist and fires on the beach. Several launchboats come up on the beach full of military soldiers. The Atlanteans with makeshift spearguns and spears are at a disadvantage to the military and their Mk. 1 Lee-Enfields. Yannis uses Salus as a hostage, and takes stores of the powerful Atlantean arcucite crystal back to the battlecruiser. He leaves Atlantis. Fires on some of the attacking Atlanteans, and destroys the tramper.

Salus, Sancus, the trawler crew, and some Atlanteans make a plan to recover the volatile arcucite. The Atlanteans initially distrust the human tramper crew, but Salus explains how they have been good to her. They use a new nautical apparatus (a submarine) to board and raid the battlecruiser. Finally confronted in the hold with the arcucite - Salus picks one up and throws it. The volatile arcucite explodes, creating an opening for the ‘heroes’ to escape. Several large explosions follow when the rest of it explodes - as well as the ship’s magazine. Yannis dies. The ship sinks to the bottom of the sea.

Regroup with the lifeboats back at the island. Farewells between siblings and new friends. Salus promises to be back - and not to forget where she came from. Leaves with a goodbye through the mist.

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