Mission Plan
December 29, 2030 is the launch date for the first modules for Interstellar Travel Vehicle (ITV). The mission aims to travel and establish an outpost on the Velkarion System. The first crew is to be sent on December 30, 2030 second crew on January 1, 2031, and the last crew on January 3,2031. The station will be completed on January 15, 2031.

Huge clouds of smoke trailed the path of the space shuttle as it soared through the skies. "5000m above sea level, cleared" said by Jez through the comms. "6000m above sea level" he continued.
The space shuttle detached its boosters and external tanks 2 minutes after exiting the Karman Line. "Docking Time" said David. The RCS system took over the docking process. In 9 minutes, the shuttle reached the station.
"Goodmorning people!" shouted Jez as he opened the airlock leading to the interiors of the station. 3 pairs of eyes shot him a look. A few talking transpired for three minutes before they started to prepare the systems

The Velkarion system is located 1light year away from Earth. A planet in this system have a moon capable of habitation. Due to its distance, 2 missions ended in failure and 1 was aborted

"3 attempts so far with a damn shuttle, could a whole station even do it?" questioned Donna to the crew while break. Dylan replied with a nod. Owen looks at the group trying to understand the whole stuff. Jez explained: "What I can say, is that this bastard have enough fuel for 2 years stay in space, in a few days, they will also send artificial gravity modules, along with a nuclear radiation shield, with a nuclear power source. Engine will give as enough dv for that." The group quited.

The ITV components are the following:
1. Nuclear Power Source (RTGs)
2. Solar Panels
3. Escape Modules
4. Control Module
5. Greenhouse Modules
6. Hab Modules
7. Research Modules
8. Comms Modules
9. Shuttles
10. Greenhouse Modules
11. H Scoop Modules
12. Construction Modules

A rocket trail can be seen protuding through the clouds. The group took their time to admire the beauty. "Rockets are beautiful…" complimented Jez. 30 minutes later, the last crew was sent. "Yow, Hi. Guess it is hard to be not the same nationality with us?" asked Aaron, "But anyway, Jez promised he'll talk more damn english…"
"Time for briefing, get your asses here" saud Jez sarcastically. The group complied.

Once achieved stable orbit around the target planet, an outpost is to be built. 5 crew memebers are to leave and return to Earth.

8 months later in deep space…
"Ah, shit, too damn boring." exclaimed JL as he peeked out the window. "Lol I think you need some memes, you know. Missed it. Same as the SFS Forum. Remember that old days? I'm 12 yrs old that time. Base game playing also. We've made a RP, named it ASA. And now, some hippie did it. What could be next?" "Me transporting Hollenium? That'll be cool" said Serenity2011. "I'll go with my old classmates" said Jez, leaving his friends.
"Oh God, good ol' days. You know, I dreamed about you, Donna… Just hugging you there on our bed, gotta wish that'll be true…" said Jez as the group gathered around. "Oh hey there Owen, yo-", Jez stopped as soon as Aaron looked at him.

"Engines, check, Fuel, check…" said Donna, while Aaron filling the check list. The radio lit, "We are about to approach the gravity well, please get in the vehicle quickly, I repeat, we're approching the gravity well. Engines will open once it clear." The crew started to dash to the control room.
"Guys, please buckle to your seats. This one's gonne be damn shaky. Someone please take the controls. Gonna turn off some of the systems." said Dylan before dashing out to the power system. Jez took over the controls.

"Command, we're about to go pass the gravity well, in a few hours will be quiet." notified Jez to Command. "Goodluck and Godspeed" the only thing before things go quiet. "Connection has been cut" announced by the AIS.

1 year later after losing connection
"Stable orbit boys, prepare Aspire, same as Spitfire. JL, Roosterbooster, Serenity2011 and me will ride Aspire, take 5 and ride Spitfire, will commence in 10 hours. I'll take care of the other stuff." said Jez through ITV Intercomms.
Jez walked out of the room, he was in two states, both happy because of a major milestone in space, and fear of alien civilisation dominance. As he walked through on the walls, he met Donna. "Uhm… You know, I've been fearing of the possible alien civilisation. Udgard, the mechanical planet, has been possibly transformed by that species. Then there's a jungle moon, which they probably migrated too. If we got attacked by those aliens, and got contaminated, or worse killed; just remember, I… I…"

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