Just a story

Evan had just finished writing. His paragraph all about the so-called mythical Jabberwocky had to be finished by tomorrow eve, else he would fail his class. Evan had read and re-read the entire poem many times, enough to fully understand the poem. Evan had dreaded the day he would meet a Jabberwocky for a long time, and his mind was racing with schemes to capture one. He had to be careful, though, because the creatures were supposedly ferocious. He was prepared, and would soon have his plan falling into place. Many students ridiculed him because he belived that Jabberwockies exist. This was his chance to prove them wrong. As Evan strolled home from school, he heard a rustling noise behind him. A bloody, mauled kid was trying to crawl away from something. Evan grabbed the kid's hand and helped him up. As he did this, Evan noticed a field journal lying next to the kid. Slowly and unnoticeably, he grabbed the journal. As the kid sat down, a mangy, clawed hand grabbed the kid's hair and pulled him into the bushes. A piercing scream filled the air, then silence. Evan sprinted to his HQ and opened the journal. It was filled with all sorts of strange and wonderful creatures, nicely alphabetized and organized. As he flipped through, he noticed names like "Axian", "Liberian Snow Reggul", and - there it was - the Jabberwocky. As he read through, he realized just how dangerous this beast was, and just how effective his bait had been. A rustling noise snapped him out of his shock. As he looked out of the window, he saw a portal open. Evan flipped through the book and found an entry titled "The Klz'Rezzlz." Apparently, these were humanoid dragons that policed creatures around the 999 realms. As he looked on, he saw a Jabberwocky ferociously attack. It slaughtered the group and noticed Evan. Evan's last words were "Oh no."

239,000,000 years later:

X'Alzl had just finished writing. His paragraph about the so-called mythical Human had to be finished by tomorrow eve, else he would fail his Jabber class. One thing was for sure. Humans are real, and he was going to prove it, even though the others said "It's just a story."

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