justawhiterabbit sandbox

collection of children short stories by Wally Lesser

the beginning

At first, there were 2 dancers Tinentropía and períploko in an empty hall that extended through infinite never ending never beginning nothingness and so it was for a moment, after which there was dust which formed into stars planets and comets as far as the eye could see and the hall called the universe expanded forever.
In one of the planets, there was a species of primates called humans which had the ability to dream,they dreamt a billion worlds each different from each other they some dreams were beautiful with rabbits that were late and clocks that went backward's other dreams were horrifying with jailors that locked away knowledge and fire starters that feared what they didn't understand we came from this world wandering these dreams thanks to the gift of the serpent so when you venture to the dreams be brave because as long there is curiosity there is a way to the library.

The sleeping witch

There is a witch that is sleeping
we wonder what she dreams
we hope she is rested
the jailors fear she will learn
there is a witch that is sleeping
we wish her happy dreams
as we wish happy dreams to little wanderers too
you will sleep well maybe meet her
tell her we don't say farewell
give her gifts
give her love
so she can have a nice dream with you.

the book burner

We laugh at the book burner that knows no better its silly it's afraid it's scary the book burner knows no mercy or is it just jealous? is he afraid?
is he in desperate need of attention? we fear the fire we fear the flame we fear the fire the book burner makes be wary of him treat him with respect try to understand why he uses the flame don't hate him avoid him never show him the way.

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