In a world ruled by geese, a goose litigator discusses the right of a female goose to migrate, a goose farmer's right to restrict her right of passage on her territory based on his personal belief that she's too young to elope, and property rights in the house of goose law in general. Themes include the ethicality of right of passage and interpersonal responsibility in the face of individual fulfillment.

"Order in the court," Goose Judge Mr. Flaps said, honking judiciously as the geese spectators began to settle into their seats and the goose lawyers began to shuffle the papers around in their little lawyer seats. Mr. Wing, goose litigator, got up from his seat and began to cross examine the witness, Mr. Featherby.

"Mr. Featherby," Mr. Wing honked, "Are you a farmer?"

"Sure am," Mr. Featherby honked, "And I've been a farmer for 22 years."

"That's a long time to be farming goose meat. Your father bring you into the business?"

"As a matter of a fact he did," honked Mr. Featherby. "When I was 10, I inherited the farm and all its goose meat crops. Now, I run the joint, and all the airspace around the joint."

"And that's why you saw fit to intervene in Miss Featherflips' migration."

Mr. Wing gestured back at his table, where there was a young goosling not yet mature, sitting down anxiously. She honked.

"Yessir I did."

"And you did this because, if I may quote you directly, you felt she was-"

"I felt she was too young to be on migration with such a strapping galant as Mr. Featherling."

"Okay. But here's the thing - goose law does not allow you to intercede in a little goosey's migration. Title 7 of Goose Code: no manager of a privately owned property shall intercede in the execution of a migration if the migrating party can verify their migration status."

"She didn't have an issued migration book."

"Migration books are a formality, Mr. Featherby," Mr. Wing said, "As long as she was executing her migration you had no right to step on her right to go on a migration."

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