Eternal Pen, or Nathan Erickson. However you like it.
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A young human sat in a small cafe, located within the library’s grand hall. All around him, many people worked makeshift shops. He could see a few more cafes, a clothing store, and a small shop selling equipment for exploring and navigating the library. Beyond those lay entrance to the market.

He finished his drink, a small cucumber and kiwi soda, and placed it on the counter. Turning towards the barista, he asked one question. “What’s your favorite book?”

Without missing a beat, the barista replied that it was Bernard Zirkzle’s “Mixed Drinks From Across The Multiverses.” As they returned to cleaning the bar, the young man dropped some coins on the counter and left.

He approached the clothing store next. As he browsed the seamstresses wares, he came across shapes and colors that he never would have dreamed of. As he inspected a small, hyperbolic orange tentacle warmer, the question slipped out again. “What’s your favorite book?”

The seamstress glanced up from among the racks of clothing, and after some thought, answered that it was “Stitching Five Dimensional Shapes” by Aspin FiberWeave. He purchased a sweater in three hues, and handed her some paper bills.

He eventually found himself in front of a small tent in the market, run by a loanshark, where you could lose your dignity in favour of could hard cash, and a possible life of debt. As he filled out the paperwork to pay back what he owed he asked one final time. “What’s your favourite book?”

The grizzled old human stared at him strangely before responding. “I couldn’t give two shits about books youngster. I’m here to make money!”

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