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I guess there are worse ways to die. This way is pretty bad though.
I’m sorry
There’s always that risk on a spacewalk. That you might get hit by something.
I couldn’t control it.
I didn’t expect it to sever the support tether. The ship couldn’t catch me in time. I don’t think they tried as much as they could have.
It was an accident.
I was spinning, flipping over and over. I felt sick but the last thing I wanted to do was puke in my space suit.
Please don’t hate me.
It was strange. I felt like something fell inside of me. Like something passed through my suit and got stuck in my chest.
I can’t get out.
I don’t know how long I’ve been floating. We were between star systems. There’s so much empty space.
Please don’t hate me.
I feel something twisting around in my stomach.
I hope it doesn’t hurt. I’m sorry if it hurts.
I should be afraid. I should be screaming and panicking.
Do you have any ideas on how to get me out?
But I’m not. I can’t seem to.
Maybe we can work together?
Maybe I’ve accepted it. Accepted my fate.
Don’t give up. Please.
I can see a floating rock. Not even an asteroid. Maybe I can reach it somehow. Kick off of it or something.
I’m so scared.
Maybe it can take me to another star system.
We wouldn’t make it there.
That’d be too far, though. A vain hope, I know.
Hope is empty. I don’t know what to do.
Maybe it will just slam into me and kill me instantly.
Please no. I’m afraid to die.
I haven’t had food or water in so long. I don’t seem to care though.
I don’t want you to die. I would die too.
My oxygen should’ve run out. I can still breathe.
You can’t suffocate. I won’t let you.
There goes that rock. Nowhere near me.
Why can’t you hear me? I’m screaming and screaming.
I feel a tingling. Right in my stomach.
Why? Are you just not listening?
There’s something in my ears. Must be tinnitus.
No, it’s me. You can hear me!
Is it a voice? The voice is mine.
No, it’s mine. Listen to me. Please, I have an idea.
I think I’m hallucinating. If it weren’t for the starlight outside it would feel like sensory deprivation.
We can work this out. Just let me take over. Let me in.
Sensory deprivation makes your mind run wild. You hallucinate. Hear sounds, see shapes and forms. Your brain tries to fill in the gaps.
It might work. If you let me into your brain and nerves we can work something out.
The mind abhors nothingness. It fills it in, tries to make sense of things around it.
Are you even listening?
I feel something in my throat. I hear a voice. It is scared. It must be my own.
It’s mine. I’m coming up.
Voices. I hear other voices. A bizarre word salad. Voices I’ve heard before all saying nonsense all at the same time.
Please focus. We can do this.
Echoes, voices, hallucinated sounds. An aura.
Oh god no, it’s too much. Please hold on!
The nebulas are bright. They glow and breathe steadily.
Stay conscious. Please! Don’t go unconscious, it will kill us.
All of my brain is being stimulated at once. My vision is darkening.
No! No no no no no nononononononono! Don’t seize! Don’t seize!
There is a voice. It is scared. It is not my own.
I’m so sorry. I’m so so so so so sorry…
The stars are beautiful.

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