The setting: late 1800s / early 1900s on an alternate Earth. the protagonist is Captain Marius Reynelle, with supporting characters being his crew. they are on a mission aboard a steampunk submarine named the DSV Solidarity. on this Earth, no one has ever seen the bottom of the ocean, and the crew of the DSV Solidarity's mission is to find the bottom and bring back any interesting findings. however, the mission does not go quite as expected.

The Admiral:
Admiral Warden Walton

The Captain:
Captain Marius Reynelle

Doctor #1:
Dr. Violet Velitchkov

Doctor #2:
Dr. Helga Romilly

The Commander:
Commander Emil Blanchard

The Lieutenant:
Lieutenant Samuel Merrick

prompt I am using:
"The seafloor isn't as solid as people think it is."

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