Lordofcats3's playhouse of terror

Story 1, Red man, dead man, blue man, true man.

"I went down to aisle five, where the girls aint pretty, and they sure aint nice! When i went down to aisle five, i met a man with no kryptonite. I challenged the man, to a fight, and he laughed and laughed but he said alright, that's when i beat the man, with no kryptonite. Now i guard aisle five, as the man, without kryptonite. So that's my warning, to stay bright, and never fight the man with no kryptonite."

Jameson was not impressed1. "The bloody hell does that mean?" The man in the corner said in his raggedy voice2 "Iss about death." The third man, Williams stated "Nah mate, it's just about how Grimace here got cursed by some witches" Grimace laughed, "No no, Archibald was correct actually." The man in the corner, Archibald, smiled coldly. They paused for a minute, unsure of what to do next. "Hey mate, remember that one guy we met? Said that he'd 'FOUND OUT 'BOUT THEM ALIENSH!' you think he was right?" Grimace says in his flat tone "No, he was just some druggie" The men pause again, "Yeah, your right. How about that one guy, he had snakes for fingers and said that times were changing and that more would be awakened. What do you think he was about?" Grimace looked Jameson, then stated "Who the hell knows man, just some crazy cultist guy. Like all the others." This time, Archibald spoke up "Aheeeh, what about that one man? He wassss sssad when hiss friends joined cultsss that opposssed eachother" Williams interrupted "One of steel and one of bone right?" Archibald denoted the positive. They all paused for a while. Nothing more to say.

Archibald was the first to leave, time only waits so long for one man.
Jameson left next, said that he had to get back to work, paperwork.
Williams left third, said another mission needed doing, the world aint gonna save itself.
Grimace never truly left, he had nowhere else to go, cause the man with snakes for fingers was right, times had changed, and his place in the world of men was over.

For now.

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