Lt Flops' Nest
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This is written in (mostly) free-form. Don't expect much here to look good.
— "and it's poetry through her actions, I think, not romantic flittering on a page. That's what Corrin sought after best. Her 1,500-cycle-long life, she had only one lover. One true lover, at least; she wouldn't take the solar voyage to All-Fire at Castillon II for just any mortal life" —

— Muirenn Clíodhna Deirdre, Dreamer, 2149 CE
Excerpt from her spoken address at the 98th Parnassicon:
An annual conference/celebration held by practitioners of "experiential allusion"

"Poems For a Dead Dreamer"
The Lifetime Works of Corrin Wayne

— is what that tome stated in its opening scroll. Of course, this old Book technology stutters and jitters, and I swear the interior holoprojecter's been smudged to the Pits.

In any case, I peeled it back, and 900 pages of sprawling, free verse writings rolled in, taking me quite literally off my feet under its weight.

What lengths, then, did Corrin go, appeasing the memory of her lover?

Of course, the memory is only as strong as the person, and I can attest, that Corrin and her lover formed a bond quite closer than any single one of us 'Nassies.

Corrin was one of the ones who cropped up when Parnassicon underwent its first big fracturing. The 'Con was formed when by the hands of its seven originators, but in just the first three years alone, all seven had split and gone separate ways. They were the Similar Seven, they called themselves. Their ethos was that not a single one of them could forward the ideals of Experiential Allusion themself. Of course, that's exactly what they went ahead and did — and the field exploded because of it.

What let it happen?

Probably how versatile it is. It's fuelled by dreamers, by memory-makers, by weavers of song and shared story.

Her handed name wasn't Corrin Wayne. It was something like Corrin, but with a manner of speaking that human tongues couldn't physically manoeuvre.

Corrin was Ahneth. A "snapshot" entity — one the Cosmos spat out every few millenia, and stayed a couple more. Us 'Nassies don't know what happened before, but she showed up interested like any of us mortals. The Ahneth are not immortal, but they don't live like us. Her form was bequeathed, and she merely breathed through it. It's said the Cosmos lives through the Ahneth–

But, I'm not gonna get ahead of myself.

Some ancient prophecy told of a Spear breaching the skin of the Written Word after it finally reached its last nadir. Some of our dreamers say that's what Corrin is — she's that spear. Now, I swat any such superstitions away whenever they encroach on my Ospite.[1] But in those first days, I was as intrigued by Corrin as any.

Wayne was her adopted name.

There was a Dreamer who came to Parnassicon, Nida Wayne, who held a booth every year for microspites — which refers to fleeting, momentary ospites that represent small vignettes, often formed from loose collections of not-yet-realized ideas. I never spoke to her much, in those days. And she never spoke much, until Corrin came.

Nida was expressive, but she never shared more than a few words — a laugh here, a "wow" there.

1. ospite: A type of Mindscape exercised by practicioners of Experiential Allusion. From Italian: ospite, meaning "guest", referring to a single such Mindscape, and ospitare, meaning "to host", referring to the act of creating one such Mindscape. The members of Parnassicon engaged in the practice of All'ospitare to form vast, unmarred spaces where many multiple members could wield their personalities and emotions to tell new stories on levels not experienced anywhere else.
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