Jumble words of Lux 📝

Last Light

The lights flicker upon your lantern, the only source for your salvation.

Embraced in darkness surrounded by shelves, chased by intruders no one could tell.

Breached they have the doors that held, Shocked the keepers in works they upheld.

The guardians fought such intrusion, but did not repel such an invasion.

Once again the lights flicker, time is short the lantern grows dimmer.

The Corridors continue with no ends in sight, lost in a maze of unforeseen

Your heart beats at each step you take,
Eerie in silence that makes you quake.

Another ones step you hear from behind, yet enough to make you rewind.

Spotted you are by the interlopers, its time for you to make your prayers.

Surrounded you are with your final thoughts, as your lanterns light becomes nought.

Their footsteps come closer at each end, as the final flash of light brings you at an end.

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