Mann's Temple

1 - Ghul Ambush.

When the heroes arrive to the courtyard of the temple, they find another group of adventurers already there. These adventurers are led by a sharp-faced sellsword by the name of Efi Ghan. They're welcomed and invited to sit around the fire.

These are actually a troop of ghuls who have been killing adventurers and stealing their clothing and weapons. Use a Ghul leader for the erstwhile Efi Ghan and one ghul for each hero. A notice roll at -4 will reveal that their shoes don't quite fit their feet. A tracking roll at -2 reveals the presence of what look like ass's hoofprints. If the players realize that it's a trap, the ghuls attack as soon as the players tip their hand. If not, they attack when the players sit at the fire. If the players are unaware, the head ghul gets one last persuasion roll against its chosen victim. If it succeeds, it gets the Drop on its attack.

After the first attack, the head ghul will focus on Taunt Tests, using Rabble-Rouser and Provoke to make as many heroes Vulnerable as possible while its cronies attack.

If the heroes succeed in killing the ghuls, they find the cache of treasure and loot the ghuls have accumulated. The ghuls have already traded away much of their treasure, but there are still 200 gold coins, one longsword and set of leather armor per ghul, and a shield, rapier, and plate armor from the ghul leader.

There is also a journal from the real Efi Ghan. It mostly lists her exploits as an adventurer, but the more recent entries detail her journey to the temple.

2 - Door to 22 Bursts into Flames. Pit Trap at the door to 3. Entryway collapses.

3 - Signs of animals. Footprints of large cats, birds flit back out. Some caught in spiderwebs.

4 - Spider swarm trap. Fragile, breakable wall.

5 - Secret Room. Magic Sword (+1 damage)

6 - Store room. Marks in the dust show where barrels and crates were.

7 - Trophy Room. Heads mounted. One wakes and tries to give warning, but can't speak without lungs. If they can find a way to communicate, it warns of the trap in 11/12.

8 - Ghuls commanding zombies (2 ghuls, 6 zombies). They are readied to attack anything opening the door from 4. Crazy scrawlings. Card table with hookah.

9 - 4 Ghuls.

10 - Cubby with broken boxes, bits of planks, and other building material thrown around. If searched, a pendent of protection (Toughness +1) is inside.

11 - More scrawlings on the wall. When they get halfway through, the ambush from 12 is sprung. Notice at -4 to notice the canvas. Notice at -2 right before the ambush.

12 - Two ghuls with bows hiding behind a piece of cloth. They can see and shoot through.

13 - An altar stands at the far side of this room. Wooden carvings of bodies twisted in torment line its surface. If the players approach, they're attacked by ghosts and must make a Curse check.

14 - Kitchen. Most of the shelves have been removed, leaving only brackets. A few are left hanging. One of these is a trap (Notice at -4, Agility at -2 in a medium blast template to avoid the cutlery flying out).

15 - Dining hall. Human bodies and gnawed bones are laid out on the tables. Six ghuls are in this room. Their recent meal has made them Resilient (+1 Wound), and they wild attack with abandon.

16 - Secret room. There is a red and black-striped cloak hanging on the wall. The pattern of the stripes seems to move and shift. A character wearing this is harder to hit from a distance, giving ranged attackers a -1 to their rolls.

17 - Junkpile. There are odds and ends strewn around, along with bits of animals. There's an unpleasant smell of rot. A Survival roll will reveal that the animal carcasses don't appear to have been eaten, but simply torn apart. 12 necromandrills are hiding in the junkpile (opposed stealth vs. notice; necromandrills get a +4 for size and their hiding places). If the players get within 2" of the pile, the necromandrills jump out and attack.

18 - Breakroom. There are wineskins and enough food (dried meat and fruit) to stretch the party's supplies another five days, or two days if they ditch the meat. Which they should, it's human. Eating the meat will trigger a Vigor check at -2 to avoid disease.

19 - Classroom. There are still cushions where students would sit while a teacher would stand in the far end of the room. There is a podium where the teacher would stand. There is a book on top.

The book is a book of prayers to the god Banta Rus, god of healing and light, former god of this place. The book gives whoever holds it +1 toughness and +1 to resist the powers of the creatures of Majin Sherar. However, it is trapped (Notice -3). Taking the book without disarming the trap will trigger two spears coming out of the wall on either side. Agility at -2 to avoid taking 2d8 damage.

20 - Skeletons stand stock still in various fighting poses. They do not react when the players open the door.

They are in fact not animated. If the players don't immediately attack, they get a notice roll at -2 to realize that they're held up by strings. If the skeletons are not disturbed, nothing happens. But if they're cut down, it triggers a flame trap that engulfs the room and causes 2d10 damage to anyone inside (Agility avoids).

21 - Ossuary. This room contains scattered, chewed-up bones. There are bins that have bones sorted into them. These are being stored until they can be brought up to the necromancer on level 2.

There is a pit trap across the middle of the room. This leads to the basement, in the room with the Int-Eaters.

22 - Confessionals. This room formerly contained small chambers for confessing sins. These confessionals have been converted into jail cells. The jailers are the Burning Men. There are two, plus one for each hero.

23 - This is the lair of the first Trapper. Wood, tools, and detritus litter the room.

24 - These are the stairs to the next level. It is flanked by two large statues of warriors with spears. When the heroes approach, the statues come to life and try to kill them.

Giant Statues (WC)

A stone warrior nine feet tall, and broad as two horses across.

Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d6, Spirit d4, Strength d12+4, Vigor d8
Skills: Athletics d6, Fighting d6, Notice d10
Pace: 10; Parry: 5; Toughness: 12 (2)
Edges: Alertness
Gear: Spears (d6+Str)
Special Abilities:

  • Armor +2
  • Construct: +2 to recover from being Shaken; ignores 1 point of Wound penalties; does not breathe or suffer from disease or poison.
  • Fearless: Animated statues are immune to Fear and Intimidation.
  • Size 4 (Large): These statues are nine feet tall.


"To build and make and set and break. No stopping. When we are done, we start again. Always build. Always craft. No one can stop this. Why can't they stop this. Why can't we stop this."

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