MiD's (SB)

Ok, so let's start this from the beginning.

1st, SCP-XXXX came after an unusually deadly epidemic and the disappearance of two teachers and a student.
2nd, an Incident and Discovery Log is created to clarify further the happenings that led to SCP-XXXX's containment.
3rd, a diary of an unknown child and of a woman is discovered by a patron in the Library.
4th, the ramblings of the humanoid within SCP-XXXX is placed by an unknown patron in the Library.
5th, a certain someone stumbled upon the Library after following certain clues after reading his fellow teacher's diary.
6th, the declassification of SCP-XXXX's latter works have been done, completing the arc.

(Yeah, I know. THAT is a pun, and also a misspelling of a newb from YouTube who just discovered Spicy Crust Pizzeria.)

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