Time Flys ~

Some folks call them Time Flys; tiny particles of light popping in and out of existence, not knowing whether to be, or not to be. And upon their own they are not. It is only at beck and call that they may come forth and prove to be. After all they have not yet been and so would otherwise be impossible.
It is these that light the Way with fictioned partners led astray. Longtime friends from long ago seek each other from where they go. They have a secret only they two know. I am to and you are fro.
And if I pardon out and you beg in, you can Find Me 04. You call me and I’ll call you, knocking at each other’s door. A pleasant dance through time we do. Across the Way not me but you.


Not Alone ~

I don’t know who I am or why things are the way they are. I only know it’s always been this way. You have always been there as far back as I can remember. The world is a strange place but I am not alone.

Orphan ~

Whose voice is it? It is the one who whispers on the wind of course; the one who takes care of me, the one who walks before me in time. He sees the Way before me and whispers in my ear. And though I am an orphan, He takes me as his own.





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