mr stiner

Chapter 1 my name is jack stiner this is how i ended up the monster i am. i was born Febuary 10 1755 i grew up on a little farm in amarica near virgina. i was 9 years old when the farm was taking over by british solders and when they took my dad. he was hung in the town square right in front of me for being a spy from another country west of us i didnt know why they thot that but then, my mother was crying as i looked at her i knew i would never forget the soldiers who did this to her.
March 30 1763 my mom turned 45 today im still trying to scrape up enough money to get her a present my mom dosn't look like shes doing good im gonna have to go into town and get a dr. as i finished writing in my journal i got up and when't to see if my mother was doing ok as i walked down are old steps from the attic to the living room my mom was sleeping on the porch so i got a blanket and when't outside to cover her up as i did i notesed that we were low on milk,eggs,and hay so i got my jacket on and my dads old hat and when't to the barn to saddle up mino and head to town when i was finished i saw my mother walking over to me asking were i was going and i told her to the store. as i said that she asked me to chop some fire wood when i got back i said i would like i always do and she gave me a big kiss on the cheek when i got on mino i told her to be carfule so she didnt get sick like everyone else. she smiled and said she's as strong as a horse when she said that i laughed the only horse that i know thats strong are the wild horses in the forest not even mino can compare to them. but i knew i shouldn't have done that becouse when i was done she hit me hard on the back of the head i said sorry and rode away as fast as i could i didnt want to get hit in the head again. as i made my way into town i saw the bodys more and more were pileing up on the streets as i found the market there was nothing there so i rode back home to tell mother the bad news but when i got there my mom was on the ground in pain and coughing up blood i rushed to her but she was out cold i sat her on mino and i rode as fast as mino could go back to town. when we made it back i carried my mom to the doctor and kicked the door open. when the doctore saw me he was shocked and rushed over to my mother and began to see what was wrong with her. i was kicked out and i sat with mino as we waitede to see if she was ok. about 2 or 3 hours passed before the doctore came out to tell me she had small pox and that she had a few days left before she died as he said this i started crying and holding on to him when i was done i took her back home and layed her down i was gonna take care of her for her finnal days.

Chapter 2 Aprill 1 1763 when i woke up i saw my mother laying down and gasping for air as i helped her breath she told me that she was ready to join dad i begged her not to go she took a neckless she had and gave it to me i took her hand and squeesed it as i sat with her 5 minuts later she died i couldn't do anytang to bring her back i sat there screaming and crying untell i couldn' t anymore i took her body and i when't to bury her in a small vally of flowers as i did i left her a few flowers and tied them to her grave stone and left. June 13 1779 i decided to join the army and fight those nasty reds and to find the ones who killed my dad so i packed up and rode to anywere i could find to signe up when i got to my unit i was asked why i joined so late i said i was dealing with some problems at home and looked him dead in the eyes he said ok and we got onto proper gun cleaning and how to loade the gun i became friends with a few people in the camp one was justin he was the wise smart man in are troop then there was nicky he was a dirty thief but a great teacher when it came to it then there was mean old willy he was the strictest solder out of all of us i spent 4 months training but we werent ready for what happend we were up in new yorks outskirts and me and my troop were sent to go out to scout the area as we left nicky was droning on about how he was ready to steal a reds money and gun i was in the back so i didn't really hear what else he said as we made it to new york we were attacked by reds everywere they were waiting for us we took cover by a old house and thot of a plan nicky was being stupied and went out and fired at them nicky was shot twice by a musket i don't know what happend but we ended up halfway to the camp carring nicky with us when we saw the camp we stoped dead in are tracks the camp was set ablaze and the other solders were dead we made a stop at a house 10 miles away nicky was dead i took him and buried him i took his jacket and hat and coverd his grave with it. September 15 1779 we made made it to conneticet to regroup with another unit as we did we were sent into a warzone torn place we took shelter behind a hill willy lost a leg and justin was trying to get him back to the medics but was cut short by a cannon ball i rushed to him and helped him up willy died from the force of the cannon ball and i took justin to get help for him he broke the bone in his leg all the way threw when i got there i layed justin down and ran back into the battler field justin was screaming for me not to go but i wouldn't listin and i ran out i shot 4 reds before being knocked out by a guns butt when i woke up i was in the medic bay with justin as i got up he yelled at me for doing something stupuied as we got out to get some food and to cheer at are victory i saw a face i will always remember the face of the first soldier i saw waring a red uniform i ran at him and started beating him with a axe justin pulled me off and yelled at me as he did the red grabed his loaded muskit and shot justin in the chest i was holding justin crying telling him to stay with me he said remember what nicky said about the reds money as i said yes justin pulled out a sack of coins and smiled at me as he died in my arms i didnt know what happend but i felt the anger that ive always had and made a sound that wasn't human i knew something was wrong i just knew it the red had escaped.

Chapter 3 December 22 1779 ive been feeling like i was burning alive and i haven't been able to forget justins face when he died in my arms i got up and ready to go to battle my arms were burning and my head was dizzy but as we went to the next battle. When we did we took shelter and waited for the reds we sacavenged for all the food we could find some that i havent seen were poisenes i didnt know how i knew but i just did. when the reds showed up we charged them with all the strength we had left and we were wining 5 hours into the battle untell he came. the soldier who killed justin and my dad he cut down are troops one by one untell we had to reatreat but i didn't he saw me and laughed i couldn't help the pain i felt from him so i charged right at him he struck me three times with all the might he had on the thirde strike hit my head i could see the blood as i hit the ground and everythang whent black. as i woke up i could see nothing but darkness then there was a light as i walked to it i saw them. my mother, my father, and my friends yelling for me to join them as i saw them i knew i was dead and i didnt want to die yet i ran away from them and they yelled for me to come back but i wouldn't then death showed up in front of me demanding i go back but i wouldn't he took his sythe and struck me in the face as he when't to strick me again i grabed it and pulled it out of his hands as i held it the sythe changed into a axe i looked at death and he beged me not to come anywere near him as i did he screamed and asked for forgiveness but i had swong the axe and hit him with all my strangth all the anger i felt came out and i fell to my knees i saw my hands burning and turning to bone i grabed at them and watched as my arms caught fire i screamed and yelled my face had caught fire and i coverd my eyes as i made a unhuman scream and every thang when't dark.

Chapter 4 as i awoke i could smell burning flesh and gunpowder i was on the ground were i was killed i could see no skin on my arm up tell my elbow my face was but bone as i studyed myselfe i herd something fall i looked to what had droped and it was a muskit the reds that were with there general the man who killed me and killed justin was no more than 5 feet away as i looked at him all the anger gave me strength to get up not being able to speak but make a dry growl like a cat i charged him he got his pistal and shot me i was nocked over but saw that the tiny ball that was in his pistal had turned to dust and led he looked and shouted monster at me and told his forces to fire but the men behind him where terrified as pale as the moon as i stocked up to them i felt something on my back as i grabed it i saw that it was the axe from earlyer but it was made of bone and metel as i looked at the soldirs i grind and slashed them with one cut from my axe and they were dead the rest ran away but the general could not move he fell backwards praying begging for me to spare him as he said this i looked at him and gave a deep dry NO he screamed untell i silenced him for good i grabed his head with one hand and squeezed with a new strangth and crushed it . after a few more months of fighting we won the war and the declereation of independence was created britine had seen are streangth and we became are own country with nothing to do i started to wander around amarica to louisiana as i traveld there i tested my new found power and lerned to controle it as the years whent by 12 years later i notesed that i was not old but i looked younger as if i was 20 again my hair was not gray but black as the night my skin was as tan as copper my teeth were not rotten my bones were stronger than ever.

Chapter 5 as the years went by i saw the world change i saw great machines made i helped builed the union pacifec railrode were we would youse trains i saw as the write brothers made there first plane i also saw many horrers like the great deprecion and 911 i have forgoten my age and why i was still around durring early 1900 to 1999s i had joined the army i served in ww1, ww2 and the vietnam war i kept a jacket that one of my sargents had given me i ware it every were i go i saw the hooreres of the jungle and death of many durring my life some people knew of my power the cops thought i was lieing when i said i served in the greatest wars in history like the civel war and the revolutanary war even that i helped build the country so they took a machien to see if i was lieing and sure enough they were astonished about how acurret i could tell of the country they told me the fbi would take me for some testing or something but as they said that i got up blew a hole in the wall and ran.

Chapter 6 2020 march 5 i was awokine to the sound of a rooster crowing and the yelling of my landlord at my door as i got up and aswered it he was yelling at me his name was davied a short man in his 40s that always smells like ciggerets and old unwashed clothes he was around 5ft 7in with curly blond hair as he yelled at me i blocked his anoying squicky voice out untell he said these words. if you dont have my rent money by tomarrow jack manwel stiner i will have no choise but to kick you and your lazy ass out of my apartment building. im sorry i dont have your money davied its hard to find a job hear that pays well. and whos fault is that do you think it is jack. as he looked at mehe calmed down and said i know how tough it is for you and im sorry but you gotta do better with your life not sit in a dark room all day drinking you need a job as he said that he put his left hand on my shoulder and sighed ill give you one more month but thats it no more favores. thank you davied this means a lot to me dont worry ill get a job davied looked at me and smiled you remind me of my son back when he was fresh out of collige as he said that he looked sad and looked as if he was about to cry his son had died back in 2019 from a robbiry gone wrong i could see that he still hasnt gotten over it. i huged davied and got my old army jacket on and whent to leave untell davied asked why do you ware that jacket was it your grandfathers i said it was mine and that i surved my country untell 2012 when i had to quit do to problems. i live in a little town near mexico and californa you wont find it on any oter map or even hear its name jeris califona a small and ok place to live but there were never any jobs the only ones you could get would to be a shoe shiner or cab driver but i knew someone who would have a opening the lumanes machanic shop owned by theodaor marks and his daughter luna marks luna was my best friend and crush sence i first moved hear in 2013.

Chapter 7 October 2 2013 were is the apartment at as i walked onto the side walk looking for sunnys apartments i bumped into a short blue haird girl carreing boxes and pulling a wagon with car parts as i bumped into her the wagon tiped and she droped the boxes i rushed to help i-im s-so sorry i wasnt looking where i was going and as i looked at her i whent silent she was the most beutifull girl i have ever seen her yellow leaf eyes sparkled with her blue hair and sun glasses when i whent quit she said what never seen someone with freckles before as i looked closer she did have freckles ( oh my gosh shes so cute what do i say or do ummm) hello . merp i shouted and instantly coverd my mouth she laughed and helped me up we intraduced are selfs and i helped her to her garage as i enterd the smell of oil hit me and it was strong as i walked in she told me to put the boxes on the table as i did a tall man with a Orange beard and blond hair walked in and saw me he instintly pulled out a pistal and yelled freezes luna rushed and yelled dad stop he looked at his daughter and asked if i hurt her and why i was hear as she told him he walked closer to me and i saw a name sowned onto his shirt theadore he keept the gun aimed at me and told me to sit down so he could call the cops luna yelled at him and when he looked at her i took my chance and twisteded the gun out of his hands uncliped it and pulled of the barrole and droped the gun as i did both luna and her dad looked at me and froze theadore broke the silence and asked how i lerned to do that and i told him this is how i met the to people that were like a family to me.

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