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The Last Thoughts of some worm-food

Listen; I have to clear some things up whilst I still have the capacity to do so.

Those people that tell you they had some kind of feeling, some manner of premonition when they woke up on their Death Day are so full of shit. Its like those people that say they can feel it when someone is watching them. Its a damn lie, and it makes those of us that were taken completely by surprise feel like idiots. Let me tell you and settle it now - take it from someone who knows; when it comes for you, most of you will have absolutely no idea. Unless you're watching the guy loading the gun, or you're tied to the train tracks or something; for everyone else it'll just happen. You'll be alive, and then you'll be dead.

That old cliché about your whole life flashing before your eyes, though? That's actually pretty accurate. There's like, a second, maybe less, where every significant scene from your whole life comes crashing through in to your head, colliding and rebounding like someone just dropped a whole shelf of pots and pans on a slate floor. It's loud. Messy. Panic-inducing. Just a chaotic series of faces, words, sights, smells all smashing in to your frontal lobe one after the other. Actually, I take back what I said before - if there is a point before it happens when you know your time is up, that's when you know. And with the pictures and sounds comes so much feeling. So much emotion. You're angry and bitter and sad. You're panicked and anxious and you kick and scream. But then it starts to fade and eventually; silence. And all of a sudden, you're so relieved. You're done. Like, that's it, it's finished. It's over.

I have some bad news for you sentimental types. There's no 'after-life'; it just trundles on. Your body shuts down and your nerves turn off, but your consciousness keeps going. Your senses all switch off too, mind you, so its just you and your Thoughts in complete, unending, interminable isolation. You just… Think. I mean, some of us dream, apparently. But I can't vouch for it personally. I couldn't even tell you how long I've been Thinking. You start by Thinking about Life; hoo-boy that goes on for a while! I'll tell you now; make the most of Life whilst you're living it, because you're going to be re-living it for a long time. But then you move past it, to other stuff. Some of it's interesting, some of it's not. I know I don't make it sound appealing but, if I'm honest, its not so bad. Lately I've noticed its getting harder to keep a cohesive train of thought going. That's probably because my brain is starting to rot in my skull. Which is why I Thought I'd Think my little exposé here, before I can't Think anything sensible at all. Oh God I can almost hear your gears grinding! But that's the funny thing about the Library, isn't it? If there's a story, it tends to find its way here eventually.

So, uh, that's all I wanted to Think, really. I mean, there's more (I haven't even told you about THEM yet), but I wouldn't be able to do a good enough job of explaining it in my current state. Maybe there's someone out there a lot smarter than I am Thinking about it now, and maybe it'll find it's way here as well. Or maybe not. But hey, you'll all get here eventually and find out for yourselves.

Best Wishes, and Good Luck.

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