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Dulce aimed her rifle and shot the clay pigeon, “PULL!” she shouted, another clay pigeon was released. Sparing no time, she reloaded her gun, aimed, and took it down again. She felt rustling of grass behind her, she turned around to greet the newcomer.

“Dulce, I knew I would find you out here!” it was Leo one of the Five Champions of Ganold that Dulce was apart.

She reloaded her gun, “Yea, whatchu want?” she turned back towards the shooting range, “PULL!” another pigeon went into the sky.

“The Alchemists and Astronomers at The Coeden have ob-” Leo was interrupted by Dulce’s rifle. He paused startled.

Unfazed, “Continue Leo,” she reloaded her gun, “PULL!”

Leo covered his ears this time around, “They have observed a burning-white comet in route to our wor- *BANG* -ld!”

“So,” Dulce reloads, “PULL!”

“Uh, so uh. They want you to build a spaceship to inspect it, you know for *BANG* science,” he finishes.

Dulce turns around and looks at Leo in the eyes. She puts the safety lock on her rifle, and leans it up against her, “And they asked you to ask me this? Figures.”

“Yea, well you come off a little rough, sometimes,” Leo rubbed his eyes and yawned.

The elves that were running the shooting range started packing things away; Dulce looked into the sky for a few minutes and said, “Alright let’s go. I’ll get a hold of Files when we get back.”

Leo waited for Dulce to go ahead. They followed the forest path from the range back to The Coeden, “Did you not sleep well Leo?” Dulce asked on their walk back.

“No, it’s just training with the Sculpting Hammer tires me out,” he yawned again, “I’m not used to having to put forth so much physical and mental effort into fighting.”

“Thank Riotan though we were blessed with these Elemental Weapons,” her grip on the rifle got tighter.

The rest of the walk was in silence. They reached the center of the forest, which hosted a giant tree. The Tree was the “Center of Ganold” and its branches and roots are said to extend into Otherworlds. The Tree was home to a group of people called “The Coeden”. The best warriors, artists, alchemists, and scientists, worked at The Coeden. The Coeden existed to maintain peace within the world, when applicable, and fight off the denizens from Dlonag; a parallel world to Ganold.

“Where is Files, guardian?” Dulce asked one of the Dragon Guards.

He replied in a low, quiet voice, “She said she would be in her office.”

“Thank you,” Dulce bowed and walked across the grand room with Leo trailing behind.

They went into a side hallway, dwarved in size compared to the grandeur of the room they left. After about a minute they reached Files’ office. There were no distinguishing marks on her door to identify amongst the other doors. Some places in The Tree could only be reached if you had been to it previously. It definitely made things interesting for new workers and students.

Dulce knocked on the door, Leo held his breath. Nothing. Dulce knocked on the door again, the pair heard a shuffling of papers, and then the door opened. Files, stood at about the same height as Leo did; her ears were squatter and wider than his ears. And her hair was a white-grey, instead of pure white. She was holding what appeared to be a wind up clock in her hand. It was open and it’s inner workings were visible.

“I’m so glad you found her Leo!” Files replied.

“It wasn’t hard, she was-” Leo started to say.

“Dulce,” Files interrupted Leo, “could you have a seat with me in my office?”

Dulce complied, and walked into her office. Leo tried to follow, but Files closed the door in his face.

“Guess, I’ll get back to training,” he left grumbling to himself about women elves and politeness.

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