In the search of the Library Cat.


"What brings you here, young boy? What do you want?"

'I want…ugh, you know what i want!'

"Hehe, but I want to hear it leave your lips"


'I want to curse someone.'

There is a phrase that’s usually spoken by the Wanderers and Pages in this place. "Books can read and hear." It was one of the first things I heard when I got here. It's one of those slogans that goes from conversation to conversation, regardless of your species, language, or appearance. And the message was quite clear to me. At least that's what I think, since no one has explained it to me yet, and I don't feel like asking someone about it.

But the point is, I understood that on this place, looks can be deceiving, and one is never entirely alone. Maybe that's what prompted me not to socialize with the people here. I was never a great talker. Not because I don't want to, or because I’m shy or some shit like that. There are just some kinds of conversations that I can't stand. Those in which there is no fixed topic, in which the other person can be interrupted anytime without a good reason. I’m very picky about who I talk to, as you have read. I may not be what I used to be, but my pride will never change.

But, thanks to that, I learned to be a good listener. To hear conversations of others, to read the atmosphere of a room, or certain thoughts that usually haunt the minds of readers and wanderers. If you pay enough attention, you will notice that most intelligent creatures have similar gestures and reactions to emotions. It really helps to know if the person you want to ask what to do if you’ve accidentally bitten a book is having a good or a bad day. There are a few exceptions, obviously, but I tend to avoid those people (except for one, but he already avoids everyone, including me), because it pisses me off being unable to read their emotions. It makes me despise them most of the time, even if they are nice, or interesting.

In any case, that has nothing to do with the purpose for which I began to write in this book. I can't help it, my time here is infinite, and therefore I get bored easily. It was just an attempt to make a kind of introduction, to the fact that I will use these pages as a journal, to document my research, mixed with my own thoughts. For quite some time I have heard rumors, disclosures, and even myths related to what many call "The Library Cat". An innocent name, for what many would tell you is a fierce beast, lurking and hiding in the deepest parts of the Library when the lights are on, and emerging from these when the whole place is plunged into darkness, to cause who knows what atrocities to any poor soul it encounters. Although the most popular myth is more or less similar to what I just told you, that does not mean that there are more versions, told by different tribes or people throughout the Library. Many see him as a protective deity of the Library, or as a symbol of it, a vengeful figure, etc. etc. But surprisingly, even if there is no person who does not know about it, no one has been able to find any concrete proof about its existence, turning it into a kind of cryptid that most blindly believe in, but with different versions about what its “purpose” here is. But there are too many people who claim to have seen it, which makes me believe that there is something else behind all this …

Either way, I decided that I, Kkløs, will be in charge of discovering the truth! Be it a ferocious feline, a misunderstanding created by the inhabitants of the Library, or whatever, I will find out everything about it! And I will show it to everyone, and thus I will regain my former glory! Everyone will recognize my name, I will be a legend, even after I have managed to leave this place! I’ll go through every corner, I’ll read each book, and I’ll write down even the smallest detail if it is necessary!

But I'll start tomorrow. The lights have already gone out, and I'm too tired to start down these corridors in this darkness. But tomorrow, tomorrow is the day I start. It will be the beginning, towards the search of The Library Cat.

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