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Little Green Men

I was the first to see the streak across the violet clouds. The sight hit me with a wash of calm, an understanding that nothing in my small world mattered anymore, that my beautiful world was going to be annihilated forever with the flash. I took in the air around me, an appreciation of my delicate world for one last time. What pitiful creatures we were to waist this. I waited for the flash, not wasting my final thoughts on the end, only imagining my gorgeous world in as much detail as I could. The light did come upon us, but it was dull. Not the incomprehensible flash of our ultimate fate, but the warm and brilliant orange of fire. No sound accompanied the death of the brilliant light, only the new found pumping of my blood and my unsteady legs. With my life's purpose ripped from me, I resolved to finding the source of the fire, knowing in only hours my world would be assulted for the final time with the maximum retaliation of my government, and in turn the Armageddon.

Time was a viscus gold around me. Every moment was a picture of my world of beauty soon to be erased. I was surly moving, but every step I took reeled me back into the sky, the nature and the life I would too soon be taken from. I wished that eons would pass before I could find what I had come for. I wished that the sky would wash away, and the nature itself would escape right then before our miserable warfare could snuff it out so foolishly. My beautiful world remained still, refusing to retreat.

The brilliant orange had lead me to a clearing of overturned trees and displaced ground. A sparkling metal satellite greeted my eyes, reflecting the gorgeous sun in its shiny hull. Thin metal poles were broken on the ground around it, and a disk was supported by scaffolding on its top. In my inspection, the appearance of a set of thrusters shook my idea of this satellite being a satellite at all. It seemed created to land here, which it had done with the delicacy necessary to keep it's hull intact. There was no opening to this ship, only thin metal foil that surrounded the ship's back wall. In ripping it open, I immediately witnessed an array of disks, screens and computers that displayed writing and language I recognized as foreign to anything of my beautiful world.

An Apology

To you, I must convey one thousand asks of forgiveness, one million displays of sacrifice, and trillions upon trillions of apologies. May my pitiful life serve only to gain your sympathy, yet still, it is what I shall never deserve. In a broken voice may I cry your name to the heavens, so that the angels hear who they may spare in their rapture. And let me fall down through the ground that I may burn for eternity for my misgivings against you, my sweet.

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