Diary of sir X. Exploration of Z

Chapter I

(Name of city), (name of empire), (year), (Date)
After a three-day hike I finally made it to the (name of city), biggest biggest city of (name of empire). Hike was short, however not without difficulties. On the second day I was attacked by two (name of animal/beast ) , lucky for me, that I had a torch with me, and is a well known, (name of animal/beast) are afraid of fire. Other from that my journey was good.
I was able to see city tower few hours before i was in the city. City walls were majestic, they were more than 30 noss tall, made of stone and metal. At the entrance to the city was standing guard. Guardians wore sparkly black armor. Some of them had halberds, others had swords.

Chapter II

I entered city soon after midday. Thousand of creatures crawl under beneath scorching sun. (name of city) had bad geographical position, it was surrounded by swamps and impenetrable forest. During the day it was hot, in the night

дописать про туман много видов жителей, люди с нижними торчащими клыками, оргки, рынок где он покупает карту и шифр с ней, таверна слухи, алхемист, наемник,

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