Johnathan -—— peeked through the curtain at the assembled crowd. Various Sirens, Merpeople and tentacled beings were gathering in the chairs facing the stage. He shuddered. When he had gotten the spot at the New Atlantean Auditorium, he had been promised that atleast 300 guests would be their at his presentation. He had been excstatic. To be able to share his ideas with so many people? It had been a dream come true. But now? Well…now he had begun to realize what going up in front of that many people at one of the country's greatest venues actually mean't.

He walked over to the washroom for a last minute check. Just nerves, he thought. Just nerves…
Locking the door the to the bathroom behind him, he looked up into the mirror. Smoothing back his not particularily well kept hair with a webbed hand, he stared at his sweaty face. He would be fine, right? Just get on stage, give his schpeel, then hide backstage. Deep breaths. In through the mouth, out through the gills. Deep breaths. Just walk on stage and –

He wretched.
As the bile left h

But he had to. This was all his doing after

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