Omega Shenron's Sandbox


1.) Picture of a phone booth and a family watching T.V together


2.) Introduction

3.) True origin:

4.) Hidden mechanical mind-disintegrating part

The technology is a virtually unbreakable thick copper cogwheel measuring 7cm x 10cm that releases an unknown strain of memetics to its subject in a yet undiscovered containment, transmission, and pattern of release.

The researchers of the SCP Foundation, in collaboration with the Global Occult Coalition have detected that it sends the memetic effects through a strange "so-far-indestructible" family of pathogens, rather than being transferred through acquisition of information.

The microscopic pathogens form clusters in the brain (mostly in the cerebral cortex) through unknown actions and changes the beliefs of the subject instantly after the latter generates his/her first thought following the infection. In addition to that, the object slows down the travel of neurons by creating midget folds within the pathways (neural) in the vicinity of the body part.

6.) Connection to Real Life

7.) Quote about television

8.) Picture of a code computer stuff

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