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To anyone willing or able to read this: This is for you.
We are the Serpent's Hand.
We are a movement, unified by a common belief:

That humanity and all the other peoples of the known worlds do not deserve to be kept in darkness and ignorance.

The Serpent's Hand doesn't coordinate as a group. We are a loose collection of splinters. Our enemies tend to misunderstand this — for instance, the Foundation's obsession with L.S., a person most of us have never met. Or the Serpent's Nest, with their shifting identities. Yes, they are all leaders, because they are people we respect, people we take advice from, and some of us will follow their plans. But they aren't all of us.

We, the Serpent's Hand, would like to give thanks to whom this book was authored by. This book is made for the main intention of promotion for adding new members in our group.


The following is the written version of the virtual file transcription of the video sent by my fellow member of the Serpent's Hand:

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