On the Seven Occult Wars

"On the Seven Occult Wars"

Foreword: This thesis is based on "material available on the Library", and is limited not only in scope but also in objetivity as the universe is subjected to constant "CK-Class Restructuring Scenarios" sometimes general and other times localized, so attempting to create a definitive list is pointless, this however is a humble attempt.

Definition of an "Occult War": A prolongued state of strategic battles and skirmishes using anomalous means and creatures, by two or more sides, usually agrouping each many different anomalous groups, and devoted to the total Conquest and even destruction of the other side, while mantaining a great deal of secrecy. While the history of men alone is full of wars (almost all of them using anomalous means in some form or other), very few were spearheaded exclusively by anomalous groups. While Occult Wars usually coexist with conventional wars fought by non anomalous organizations they mantain secrecy from common knowledge. Establishes that the Occult Wars were always recognized as Indo-european concepts that are not recognized outside of that area.

The First Occult War: The Mekhane-Yaldabaoth War

  • Date: 1210 BCE to 1150 BCE (60 years approximately)
  • Location: Southeast Europe, West Asia, North Africa, Western Caspian sea and the Northern Black Sea region.
  • Result:
    • Mekhanite pyrrhic victory
    • Mekhanite–Karcist armistice
  • Belligerents:
    • Mekhane
    • Yaldabaoth

The Mekhane-Yaldabaoth War is an anomalous conflict that corresponds with the non-anomalous period known as the "Late Bronze Age collapse" a dark age transition period in the early XII Century BCE on a large area covering almost every inhabited settlement in the Southeast Europe, West Asia and North Africa (comprising the overlapping regions of the Near East, the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa, with the Balkans, the Aegean, Anatolia, and the Caucasus), which took place from the Late Bronze Age to the emerging Early Iron Age. This war was characterized by it's heavy use of biological warfare as well advanced bronze-based technology including nuclear weapons, Thaumaturgy wasn't used heavily by the main factions except the Daevites.


Mekhane shared dominion over earlier humanity with Yaldabaoth over the Crecent Moon region, the former representing intellect and progress, while the later represented instinct and the more animalistic side of the humans, "thus men slowly florished under the counsel and guidance of both gods, whom provided kings and peasants alike with knowledge and gifts" (technology?). Around the end of the XIII Century BCE Yaldabaoth grew wary of Mekhane and his followers as manking had prefered his fellow God's gifts of machinery and technology instead of his gifts of living flesh, and so the Flesh God broke relationship with her partner as it decided to take over mankind by force.

The Flesh Invasion (1210 to 1200 BCE)

Yaldabaoth established its base on the current Crimea Peninsula in the now known Black Sea. Yaldabaoth would then form a pact with primitive nations (sea people) to enhance them using his powers in return of their service as shock troops, this "gifts" would be a primitive form of the "Flesh Curse" that still exists until today.

The firsts attacks where launched on a coordinated assault from the Black Sea against the Anatolian and southern Aegean region, the initial push was somewhat expected by Mekhane, and alongside the Aegean city-nations (current Greece) the city of Troy was destroyed alongside the Flesh weapons Yaldabaoth had stockpiled in there, what Mekhane wasn't expecting was the advance from the Dorians against it's Aegean allies, a masterful use of a flanking force by Yaldabaoth masked under the Siege of Troy.

The Mekhanite Advance (1200 to 1180 BCE)

Mekhane's forces failed to save many cities that fell to the enemy and recurred to it's power to burn them down, according to the registers left by those who accounted the incident, Mekhane deployed a weapon like no other, "a piece of the sun burning bright and destroying like a hurricane of fire everything on it's path in a mere instant, the land would the fell prey to poison an neither the lands nor the water could longer sustain life", this seems to be the earliest case of the utilization of a Nuclear Weaponry on the battlefield, why Mekhane would resort to such desperate measures? According to observers "the Flesh monsters that followed Yaldabaoth fell prey as easily as men towards his weapons of death". After the fall of Troy around 1200 BCE, the Mycenaean civilization fell both to Yaldabaoth's and Mekhane's terrible weapons as it's position was an strategic one on the aegean. By 1190 BCE Yaldabaoth's forces had been pushed away from Anatolia although at the cost of the destruction of many cities such as Hattusa and Miletus, the former highly irradiated, became uninhabitable and was definetly abandoned. Cyprus, used as a staging zone for further attacks on the Levantine region by Yaldabaoth's troops was the next to fall, with the cities of Enkomi, Kition, Palaeokastro and Sinda destroyed and later "salted" with what seems to be "dirty bombs" of nuclear types.

Stagnation and the Daevite Front (1180 to 1160 BCE)

By 1180 BCE Yaldabaoth began using giant monsters of flesh however Mekhane built it's own fleet of Mechanical Entities to counter-effect the abomination-class Flesh monsters, these colossi would battle around the syrian-levantine region during the latest stages of the war. The cities of Ugarit, Kadesh and Emar would fall among many others to both sides as Mekhane continued it's relentless advance until stopped around 1170 BCE on the Daevite border. The Daevite Empire who seized the opportunity slowly consolidated it's power and expanded it's border under the alliance with the Archons, by 1160 BCE however the Assyrians reinforced by the Mekhanites and Egyptians launched an attack on the Daevite border the final battle was turned around against the Daevites when the Grand Karcist Ion appeared with his followers and destroyed the Daevite main forces on the region now known as the Aralkum Desert.

The Final Gambit (1150 BCE)

Around 1150 BCE the war had stalled with both sides loosing as much as the other, Mekhane however had outreached her supply lines and was reaching a critical point as Yaldabaoth began restockpilling, thus the mechanical god decided to gambit one last move, she launched a surpise attack with her last two Colossi and elite forces against Yaldabaoth's headquarters on the current Crimean peninsula. The battle was perhaps the most terrible and bloody of an already bloody war, with the Flesh God's forces prevailing, Mekhane launched herself on a final assault against her dreaded enemy only to be impaled by it, as Yaldabaoth consumed the Mechanical god it failed to see that this was in fact Mekhane's plan, to trap the Demiurge by shattering herself into a "brass cage", enclosing it's enemy for good. With their god trapped and both enemy leaders dissapeared, Yaldabaoth's forces went in dissarray dispatched by Mekhane's elites, thus what is now known as the First Occult War ended.


Mekhane shattered pieces spread across the Earth, alongside her followers who would begin and internal fighting over leadership to eventually form the Church of the Broken God. Yaldabaoth's followers were killed off being survived only by the followers of Grand Karcist Ion, who signed an armistice with the remaining Mekhanites and escaped towards Siberia into mostly unpopulated areas to establish minor communities.
The Nuclear Fallout from low yield Tactical nuclear Neutron bombs and Cobalt bombs used to destroy Yaldabaoth enhanced armies and allied/captured cities, would poison cities, lands, rivers and even aquifers for 200 to 1000 years. It would take almost a thousands years for the radiation to finally dissapear. Droughts produced by the soot and dust from the detonations exarcerbated the limited supply of non contaminated water, which would cause a further collapse of the developed societies into a regressed state for at least 100 to 500 years. The former Aral Sea became contaminated by biological Daevite weapons and minor radiation, it would take 500 years at least to return to ecological antebellum levels. Overall societies disintegrated, transforming into the small isolated village cultures for at least 200 years with the exception of Egyptian and Mesopotamian kingdoms who remain isolated from the conflict, the Daevite Empire suffered a heavy blow to it's military power and demographics falling to internal infighting and remained a regional minor force for almost a thousands years.


2nd Occult War: Daevite Demise

*Mentioned Skips/Tales: SCP-140, Golden Horde GoI.

3rd Occult War: Alexandrian Campaigns

*Mentioned Skips/Tales: The Teophagus (Killed Alexander the Great as he ascended to Godhood)

4th Occult War: Muslim Conquest campaigns

*Mentioned Skips/Tales: The Necromancer
"The last known entrance to the Underworld was lost during the Fourth Occult War" (The Necromancer) specifically located in Siwa and destroyed by the locals during the Muslim invasion of 700AD.

5th Occult War: Napoleonic Era

*Dates: 1789 to 1833. was fought both in Europa as in America.
*Mentioned Skips/Tales: SCP-2515

6th Occult War: Crimean War/Boxers Rebellion

*Dates: 1880-1898
*Mentioned Skips/Tales: Wrongs Proposal

7th Occult War: World War Two

*Mentioned Skips/Tales: Common canon
*SH heped the AOC back in the day against the nazis.

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