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Hatsu's Beginning

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Hatsu's Beginning

So…are you… a magician?…

Uh… uh… Mm… I-I guess you could… say that…

Really? For real? I knew it! What kind of things can you do?

"Nothing." Hatsu Homura turned his head down to the floor, not wanting to hear what was coming next. If he could, he would have looked around at the walls, the ceiling, anywhere to avoid his mother's stare.

"Hatsu, why don't you ever tell me when things like this happen? I'm your mother. I should be there for you."

Hatsu's face burned, though he wasn't sure if it was from the shame he felt every time his mother said that, or the fresh scrapes running down the left side of his face, as well as his hands and knees; at the moment, the ice bag on his cheeck wasn't doing anything to help. He turned his head slightly away, and swallowed before speaking again. "It wasn't anything bad. I can call Zhen right now, she'll tell you."

"Hatsu…" his mother began again.

"Nothing happened!" Hatsu snapped, his eyes suddenly stinging. He rubbed them quickly, but the act only made them hurt more, as the touch of his fingers reminded him yet again of how he had constantly lived from birth.

Hatsu Homura, now eleven years old, was blind.

"Hatsu!" his mother said his name once more, this time loudly. "I need you to be honest, please!"

"Mom, please, stop…" in spite of himself, Hatsu's voice quavered for a moment. He looked up in the direction of his mother's voice, hoping that whatever look he had on his face would be enough to tell her that he was all right.

"Was it Hitomi again? What did he say to you? Don't lie to me, I'll go ask Mr. Ogata if I have to."

"No, it wasn't anyone! I just fell off the sidewalk, that's all!" Hatsu decided that he wanted to leave the room, and began to turn away, before stopping himself.

Crap, he thought. He he had dropped his walking stick. It was somewhere in the room, dropped without thinking when he was caught trying to sneak past his mother in the kitchen. Now, he couldn't find it, and a moment later, his foot caught on a raise in the floor rug, making him fall to the floor on his knees and elbows. Wincing in pain, his hands continued to fumble across the floor.

Crap, Hatsu cursed to himself. Tears of frustration began to spring to his eyes, like so many other times when this had happened. Crap, crap, crap!

Suddenly, he felt his right arm being lifted up as something long and thin was placed in his palm. His mother had given him the thing he was looking for.

Hatsu curled his lips inwards and exhaled. "Thank you, mom," he said, pushing himself up. The next thing Hatsu felt was his body being pulled into his mother's arms.


"Mom…" Hatsu slumped, all anger being replaced by an overwhelming guilt. "I'm sorry… It was him again…"

"You little piece of—"

Hatsu grunted in pain as he felt the punch he couldn't see coming connect with his chest. He wheezed as he took a step back, tripping on the crack in the sidewalk and landing awkwardly — and painfully — off onto the road.

"Hatsu!" Zehn Wong, Hatsu's friend since the first grade, cried out. She turned to face Kenta Hitomi, a boy who had antagonized both her and and her friend for months now.

/Both of the boy's lower eyelids were already swelling, tearing up and closing shut as he continuing groaning in pain.//

Crap! Where did that thing come from? Kenta thought angrily, as he rubbed and covered his eye. He had walked up to Hatsu and Zhen, as he had done many times before, jeering Hatsu for his blindness. The two continued to walk, ignoring his taunts, and so he had walked up and kicked Hatsu's walking stick out of his hand. Hatsu fell to the ground, feeling blindly as Zhen angrily called Kenta out. Then, without warning, Hatsu turned around, reached into his pocket, and threw a pair of bees straight into his face.

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