34th day of the expidition

Today we stumbled upon what seem to be the ruins of an older civilization. Everything had been leveled except for a gate in the basement level of the small castle. Upon closer inspection the gate featured a window into a green landscape with small villages, a passage way into a completely different world. Me and Herscher decided that we should set-up camp and explore this bizzare world tomorrow.

35th day of the expidition

We went out and explored this new world, being the coward I am Herscher went on and tested the waters, after he stepped through the gate and confirmed that their world is not much unlike ours I followed him. We studied the people from afar and it seems like they speak a similar language, but are awefully polite in their talking. If not for the fact that I walked into this place through a gate located in the basement of a castle I wouldn't be able to tell it was a different world. Herscher wants to speak one of the villagers to learn more, I am a bit hesitant but he seems instent.

36th day of the expidition

Herscher learned what makes this world different than ours, apperently curses are real and particularly easy to bring about in this world. Simply stating "Break a leg" would bring about a curse and while that would be unpleasant it is a lot better than "burn in hell". The same goes for blessings like "get well" or "bless you", which explains the odd speach patterns these people have. Not ending your conversation with a blessing is considered insulting, but cursing is considered criminal behaviour, afterall it could kill someone or wipe out an entire village. If anything I am suprised that there is still civilization left, everybody is armed at all times and wishing someone would get the plague could decimate a country.

After learning this fact I became really self-concious and decided to speak no further while inside the gate. Regardless this world piqued my interest, this world is invaluable to a lot of people, nobody got sick and everybody was always healthy. Me and Herscher have decided to go back tommorow one last time to learn more before we report our findings home.

37th day of the expidition

The expidition is over, I have nothing to report and Herscher is gone. He went ahead, by the time I arrived at the gate he had already entered. I saw him hit his foot against a rock, I heard him shout "God be damned!" and the gate went black. I am too scared to touch the void that has become the gate, let alone enter it. I am not sure if I should leave it or destroy it. Regardless I am going to keep this to myself.

Captain Maximillian's diary

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