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(taken from bunton and edited with permission)

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I relaxed in the back of my car. The day had been stressful, our software had been experiencing major bugs that needed to be fixed. Of course, being the most junior developer, I was the one who had to fix it. You would think that the design team might think that allowing memory leaks would be a bad thing, but they had just labeled it as 'acceptable'. 'Acceptable' my ass, the only thing acceptable about it was that I didn't have to go on the stupid company field trip and I got to leave before any of the senior developers came back.

I checked my watch, the time was six o' clock, and the night was still young. I figured I might hit some bars that night, maybe call that cute chick from finances. I told the car to head back to my place so I could get changed. I heard the magnets underneath the car click as it moved off the super-conductor highway and onto a standard magnet highway. Outside the window, a massive three mile high cement wall loomed, the flood wall, casting its shadow across us as we entered the less desirable part of town. Sadly, the less desirable part of town was where I lived. With the robots doing all the stuff that didn't require any brain power, software developers were a dime a dozen, at least we didn't get hit as bad as the artists, I couldn't throw a rock without hitting a couple of artists.

The car pulled up to my house. It was one of the nicer ones in the area, the company I worked for provided some nice benefits. As I hopped out of the car and approached the house, the car flew into my garage and the door opened, revealing the spartan interior of the house. The door closed behind me as I walked inside, taking a deep breath and taking off my shoes. I looked around, the grey walls that I had chosen this morning seemed ugly and old fashioned. That could be easily solved, I thought, flicking on a screen next to the door. I perused through the trending wall patterns, and finally settled on a nice striped red. Unfortunately, that didn't match the rest of my furniture, so I just downloaded the lite version of the house theme for free, and hit 'save changes'.

The whole room was a disconcerting array of colors, I closed my eyes so that I wouldn't get nauseous. After a moment, I hesitantly opened my eyes. The place looked nice now, nice enough to bring a girl over. The only catch was, this was the lite version of that theme, so I could only use it for a day. No matter, though, I usually changed my house theme once a day anyways. I walked into my kitchen and punched 'coffee' into the drink machine. With a tap of a button on the counter, the television came to life, right on the news channel. "Ocean's rising, coastal…" crawled across the screen as I tried to decide on a channel. I decided to flick it to the art show, always something fun on there. After a couple of moments of watching a statue come to life and take different poses, I walked away to my bedroom.

With a step into a walk-in closet, I hit a button for my 'bar casual' preset, and felt the whir of air blowing around me as I was quickly and smoothly changed from my work clothes to something more casual. As I headed back to my car, I picked up my hot mug of coffee and started drinking. Fantastic stuff, as always, the machine knew just how I liked it. After quick walk around the house to make sure there weren't any bugs in the new theme, you always had to look out for those, I decided it was presentable enough and walked briskly through the door. As I walked to the street, a quick tap of a button on my belt called the car from its garage and right onto the street, door open. The leather interior didn't look as nice as it did when I bought it, and I told the car to remind me to get an upgrade come Christmas time. I sat down in the car regardless, and after the door closed behind me, which bar I should go to went to the foremost of my thoughts. There was always the reliable Big Pebble, a favorite watering hole for poor software developers like myself. However, I wanted something new that night, and as horrible as Sailor and Tack's name was, the drinks and patrons never failed to yield a new experience.

"Take me to Sailor and Tack's Trendy Art Bar."

The car took only a moment to whir up and begin moving, in this moment I continued my contemplation of how horrible bar names are these days and whether the owners just named them out of spite. The car started to really speed up and we left the shadow of the flood wall, and within less than 30 minutes we entered the entertainment district. It was always surprising to think this was New York City not 100 years ago, and that I lived in what was originally Boston. Still, that didn't stop me from being slightly annoyed that my car took longer than all the newer models, I figured the hedonic treadmill was going strong as ever.

20:34 Vivax The Foundation suddenly hires water color painters to do all their pictures.
20:34 Vivax "I want you to really /see/ the object for what it really is"
20:35 Pixeltasim "Give me the /soul/ of this scip"
20:37 Vivax "Really make the self-keeping secret come alive"
20:38 Pixeltasim "I don't want to see what it is, I want to see what /you/ think it is"
20:39 Vivax "Paint me what it /isn't/
20:41 Vivax We need to juxtapose the futility of living with Able.
20:41 Pixeltasim I want to /feel/ the hopelessness of trying to destroy 682
20:42 Vivax Can you paint with all the hatred of the stars?
20:43 Vivax "Here's a storyboard I drew up"
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