This poem is to tell the cruel truth about immortality in my version anyway.

Did you ever believe
That death was imminent
Or did you think you’d
Be the one to be spared
And this lead to further thinking
Who would be there for you
After your last relative died
If you lived on, you’d age
And how long would it take
Before you were an oddity
So wrinkled, with skin resembling leather
What would the think
Now that you’d become
A relic of time
Would they put you on display
Or would you have to work
Night and day to earn your keep
How long would this go on
Before suddenly it would
Occur to you the horrible
The fate of living past your time
How lonely it would be to
Have no one to share your past with
How poor you’d become
And to eventually end up
On the street with not a soul
To understand how lonely
You’d become
At the end the last thing you’d
Wish for was to live beyond your time
To even live to be the last
Would itself be unkind!

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