Poems two

The fall of Lucifer in my eyes.

A seam
In the stream of life
Came apart
Letting loose all of my dreams
So many moonless nights
On which to gaze upon falling stars
With their earthly light
Watching the end of flight
Of a meteorite bound for hell
One last flash as it burned
With the first glance at our atmosphere
And then a blazing head and tail
Tell the tale of the trajectory
That was predetermined to end its flight
On a silent moonlit night
Having promised mother earth
That it would return someday
I could hear it hissing and as it
Protested burning away at its seams
Came apart at the end of its long
Journey amongst the stars
Never having had an ounce of life
And yet as it raced across the sky
It seemed to be so alive to me.
traveling so far
to places planes and cars cannot go
paths into the narrows and the depths
of consciousness
uncut through the thicket
traversing through the invisible
like water evaporating into the ether
beyond sight and sound
little moments plucking and rounded,
moving toward the beauty
far beneath the surface
far into the depths
where time is as soft
as a blanket of silence
carefully wrapped and untouched
by all that’s happening
entering the peacefulness
of acceptance
alabaster paired with the onyx
like whites and pupils
and piano keys playing the music
for the choir
and something collaborative
seen through the tiger’s eyes
with their keen flecks of gold
shining beneath a calm sky
like marbled permanence
while the sun and moon chase the horizon
beating in time
along the soft rose quartz
watching the ripples
in the deep blue sapphire pools
and the fertile jade
of evergreen tendrils
wrapped around the trellis
near the pear trees
espaliered with their arms
forever outreached
grasping for the leaves of the next
in peace’s garden

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