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Object class: Keter Neutralized

Special containment procedures: SCP-XXXX has been neutralized. It's remains are to be stored in Site-19 heavy containment.

Description: SCP-XXXX was a large, extra-dimensional cephalopodian entity, measuring 3 kilometres long.

SCP-XXXX manifested over the Atlantic ocean at 6:57 Am GMT on 23/06/2018, at an altitude of 200 kilometres, putting it in low earth orbit. SCP-XXXX appeared to have a memetic effect as when Foundation craft moved to engage, they pulled back in defiance of orders. When questioned personnel stated they thought they we're on a training flight and we're unaware of SCP-XXXX.

At 7:26 AM, Several files were uploaded to the foundation database from an unknown location and user. The files contained extremely dangerous cognitohazardous materials, resulting in the death of 14 personnel and the hospitalization of 10 more. The files were systematically removed by Foundation scrubber bots.

At 9:44 AM SCP-XXXX began a series of 'bobbing' movements, moving west at a 2000 km/h and ascending and descending 50 kilometers whilst moving.

At the apex of each ascend an email was sent to random foundation staff, it is unknown if emails were sent to non foundation staff as of now. The emails contained viruses that sought out and destroyed Foundation articles on several Groups of intrest.

At 10:11 AM SCP-XXXX was beginning to approach US airspace, in order to prevent a XM-broken masquerade scenario, the O5-council ordered a nuclear strike on SCP-XXXX. The strike was successful and SCP-XXXX fell into the Atlantic ocean, with most of it's body mass burning up on re-entry.

The remains were then moved inland to Site-19 for study.

The destroyed documents are set to be replaced as soon as the remainder SCP-XXXX viruses are deleted.

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