Prompt List

Sometimes a change in perspective can mean all the difference in the world. After seeing or experiencing things in a different way, you can't go back to the way that things were. Write a story in which someone's perspective is shifted.

In a perfect world, family would mean happiness and stability. More often, that's not the case. Missing parents, sick children, broken marriages… there are countless ways a family can be split. Write a story about a family at war with itself.

The future is a beautiful thing. Or maybe it isn't. There's no way to know until we arrive. But we can always guess. Write a story about a humanity evolved beyond what it is now.

The Library has strictly enforced rules. Don't harm your fellow patrons. Don't interfere with the work of Library staff. Don't steal or damage Library property. Violation of these rules leads to being press-ganged into service of the Library for a term commensurate with the crime. But what happens afterwards? After six centuries of being a Docent, how does one re-adapt to normal life?

Magicians are, by and large, an AV set. Spells are understood through reading text or hearing old words and are often manifested as flashy light shows or howling maelstroms. But what about the other senses? What about spells that can only be truly understood through taste? Or a spell that manifests as tactile sensation?

A lot of people say they'll get to things one day, some day, any day. Sometimes they don't have as many days as they think, but after the end, there's still some time to reflect. Write a story that happens after the end.

Expand this, but what happens when two completely alien kinds of magic come into contact?

"the library is almost too large to comprehend, but it isn't infinite. Inevitably, there are worlds and knowledge that have escaped its grasp. Write about something unknown to the Library."

Magic has produced truly amazing creatures, ranging from golems to homunculi to the undead. Write an article about the experiences of these and other artificial creatures.

Monster can amaze, horrify, and confuse us, however nobody ever takes in the monster's perspective. Write a story about how monsters view humans.

(These two are more or less the same. Maybe merge them?)

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