Q: What is the Library?

Q: What are other patrons of the Library like?

Q: What kinds of works are collected in the Library?

Q: So the agenda of the Library is to collect books? How does it carry this agenda out?

Q: Okay, so there's a main hall to the Library. What's the Library layout like? What sorts of rooms and special collections does the Library have?

Q: Have the denizens of the Library (or members of the Hand) created any sort of interesting things a character might see?

Q: Who created the Library? Where did it come from?

Q: Who runs the Library?

Q: How high-tech is the library? Will a computer work there? Wi-Fi? A handgun?

Q: Does the library have books for non-humans?

Q: Does time pass normally in the Library (e.g. do people grow old and eventually die?) or does it go at a slower pace/not at all?

Q: Who are the Librarians? What all do they do?

Q: What is a Library Card? What happens if someone gets a hold of it?

Q: What are the Archives? How might a character in a story gain (or have) entrance to the Archives? Is there a single way or several?

Q: How does one find the Library?

Q: What are Ways?

Q: The Library has been described elsewhere (non-canonically) as "a nexus: a place where the Ways come together." How accurate is this? Can you elaborate?

Q: How can you spot a Way? What do they look like? Can they be created, or do they simply exist?

Q: What's it like inside a Way? Are they like tunnels, or do you just step through and then you're at the destination?

Q: Where do Ways lead, besides the Library?

Q: Besides all of the Groups of Interest mentioned on the GoI page, are there any groups that have a notable relationship with the Library?

Q: What is the Serpent's Hand? What exactly is the relationship between the Library and Hand again?

Q: How old is the Serpent's Hand? How did it get its start?

Q: It's mentioned that the Hand are a splintered, fractious group. What are some characteristic examples of this?

Q: There are references to the Serpent's Hand's "rediscovery of The Library in 1967." Had some people connected to the Hand known about the Library before? How did that rediscovery happen?)? How did they lose their way (or Way) to the Library?

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