Reasonably Psychotic
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"Each day I guide my crew into an ocean of chaos, storms, and opportunity." -Joyn the Basher.

The Golden Age of Western Piracy is defined by most scholars as a sixty-year period during the rapid Imperial Colonization of the western lands. As disease decimated most native communities, and Imperial powers began conquering land and islands and shipping riches back to their homeland in treasure fleets. This environment became a breeding ground for numerous bandits and raiders who popped up in the islands and seas of the west, each hoping to take their own fortune. Advances in Imperial defenses in turn led to more advanced tactics used by Western pirates, and a race between the two for the best available technology and strategy. Along the way the creation of Atuin island, the formation of the Pirate Council, and adoption of unique traditions and practices turned what was once petty bands of reavers into full-fledged fighting forces at times capable of challenging Imperial Navies. This all came to a head during the *Great Battle for Atuin* after decades of pent up aggression and bloodlust came to a head at Atuin Island. This event of course marking the end of the Golden Age of Piracy. This manuscript has composed the research of many scholars who have come together to give an account of the Golden Age of Piracy from it's origin to downfall.

The Bandits and the Raiders

When Kristopher Culombuce landed in the west

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