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Throughout history, many mysterious and downright unexplainable events have occurred. Even with all the technology that we have today, science has yet to explain everything that we've found left behind by our predecessors. Today, we're going to be taking a look at what we believe to be the top eight most strange and mysterious objects, artifacts, structures, and locations that our scientists have yet to explain! Let's get right into it!

Number one, Leviathan Bones:

One semi-common thing for scientists to unearth during paleontological digs is parts of, or even whole skeletons of ancient creatures that some have come to call leviathans. While no living specimen has ever been found for study, many believe that the leviathans were giant sea creatures, based on their streamlined appearance, with two or more long fins that would be able to allow gliding on ocean currents, some of which even contain strange organs that appear to be able to rotate, possibly to allow short bursts of speed. A more mysterious thing about these creatures, however, is the fact that their skeletons appear to be made almost entirely of metal! One more unnerving thing about these strange beings is that some have even been discovered to contain human remains, as well as artifacts, in their strange interiors. However, as nature has certainly had its time to reclaim these magnificent creatures, not much is left for study, and we may never know the truth behind the Leviathans.

Number two, the Kronos Mechanism:

The Kronos Mechanism is a small, circular object attached to a band that is believed to have been worn like jewlery around the wrist or ankle. The circular part of the mechanism contains a face with twelve markings placed on the outer rim of the circle. At the center, two small, pointed bits of metal extend outward, one slightly longer than the other. While the appearance of this object itself is fascinating, what is really intriguing is the inner workings of the mechanism, as it has been found that moving certain parts of the metal within the main circular part can change the direction in which the two metal probes on the face point. It's currently theorized that the way in which the probes pointed indicated the status of the wearer, or served to identify them in some way.

Number three, Death Zones:

Okay, we know you probably saw this one coming, but we really feel it deserves a spot on this list. It's well known now that there are certain areas on the planet where humanity simply is not meant to tread. It's for good reason that citizens are advised not to explore more than 20 miles away from population centers without first consulting a map of currently known death zones. But what exactly are these death zones, and why do they exist? From what we currently know, there are multiple types of death zones. In some, even stepping on the ground in the wrong way can trigger massive explosions. Others, however, are much more subtle, and much more dangerous. While strange structures in the area may pique your interest, get out of the area immediately if you start to suddenly feel dizzy, fatigued, or the urge to vomit, as you may have unknowingly stepped too close to a death zone. Another way to tell you may be nearing a death zone is to examine animal life in the area. Do you see any birds with strange bulges in their skin, or deformed beaks, for instance? Turn back right away, or you may end up as the next victim of a death zone!

Number four, the Speaking Box:

While many boxes with similar designs to the speaking box have been found, none have displayed the same mysterious traits that one in particular has. This famous one has a small handle on the background, and when this handle is turned continuously for a certain amount of time, the box will begin to play what appears to be an ancient message, in a language that scientists have yet to decipher. The message, which seems to repeat over and over again, consists of varying odd, high pitched tones, before a monotone and deep voice speaks for a short amount of time, before the tones begin again, and the message is repeated. Was this a final message left behind to us by a long-forgotten civilization? While some believe that the Speaking Box may even be the spirits of the dead attempting to make contact with us, scientists currently believe that the speaking box, and others sharing its design, may have at one time been used for communication, and the message that plays now is simply a placeholder, meant to tell the listener that no one is transmitting a message at this time. So, mystery solved right? Or is it?

Number five, Unknown Remedies and Potions:

Recently, while exploring what was thought to have been a death zone until very recently, scientists discovered numerous boxes full of strange concoctions, powders, and small seed-like objects. What appear be instructions enclosed within the boxes instruct the user to ingest the materials. Strangely enough, when people who are suffering from certain afflictions such as aching heads, stomach problems, or fevers, ingesting these odd remedies has been found to either lessen the effects of the illness, or even totally cure it in some situations. Currently, scientists are trying to recreate the formulas used to make the originals, but haven't had much success due to how small all of the ingredients seem to be. In fact, it's practically impossible to identify what exactly was used to make them, leaving these strange concoctions a mystery… for now.

Number six, The Mountain Faces:

While they are in a known death zone, scientists are, to this day, baffled by what appears to be a strange mountain formation, viewable from a nearby town. At first glance, it seems to be just a bizarre outcropping, worn into some shape by natural processes, but a closer look will reveal that these mountains have actually been carved into the shapes of faces! Who exactly these people are meant to be, or what they represent is unknown, but it may shed some light on who the heroes of our predecessors were. Were these people heroes of myth and legend, such as the ones we have today? We can only speculate.

Number seven, Bizarre Food Depictions:

Through the exploration of what are believed to have been previously populated areas, various books and tomes of knowledge were discovered. While most of these are currently not translated, a few do contain pictures, which are so well drawn that they look as though they had been placed right onto the canvas! Among these picture books are books containing what appears to be a number of food items, alongside what is speculated to be methods of preparing them. From these pictures, we can see that our predecessors apparently had a very wide taste in food, ranging from simple cooked meats and fruits like the ones we consume today, to what looks like meals slathered in colorful liquids, arranged in tantalizing ways, and employing methods we can't even begin to understand. I think I speak for all of us when I say that I'm ready for the day that we discover how to prepare food that looks like that!

Number eight, Jungles of Metal:

We believe we've saved the best for last! All over the world, strange formations of metal can be found, though most of these are in fact death zones. From what we can observe, however, these were once bustling areas of activity very similar to the towns that we have today. It seems like there's no real mystery here, but when you look at some of these larger metal jungles, some of the structures are practically as tall as mountains, leaving us to wonder how on earth they could possibly reach that high, especially carrying heavy metals along with them. Is it possible they had employed the use of some giant flying creature? Or were our ancestors simply that strong? We can only hope that we will know the answer some day soon!

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