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It's literally garbage?!

(Fade in from black, Megan and John are sitting at the dinner table having breakfast.)

JOHN: So, let me get this straight. Your ex-boyfriend, Kurt, transferred to your school this year.

MEGAN: Sounds about right.

JOHN: And he's enacting his plan to devour the souls of everyone in the city to open the gate, to let loose powers that will change reality as we know it?

MEGAN: Mmmhmm.

(Laugh track)

(Start Intro)

(Title zooms out, Megan and John part ways in the hallway on their way to class. Cut to Megan closing her locker, to reveal KURT behind the door.)

KURT: Hey Megan. Having a good school year so far?

MEGAN: Don't you 'having a good school year so far?' me, mister. I told you I didn't want to see you anymore after you ripped out Jefferson's soul in front of me. So if you'll excuse me, I have a class to go to.

KURT: (Following Megan) Come on, that's ancient history. Look, I know we didn't part on good terms, but I meant what I said. There's always room for you at my side if you want to join me.

MEGAN: Kurt, it's sweet of you to offer, but I'm dating Kent now.

KURT: Kent… tall, dark hair, basketball player?

MEGAN: You know him?

KURT: I think I might have eaten his soul after the big game last night.

MEGAN: KURT! (Megan storms off.)

(Laugh track)

(Megan and John are in Algebra class. The bell rings, and students take their seats.)

MRS. ANN: Class, may I have your attention please? We have a new member of the class I'd like to introduce today after he was… (awkward pause) removed from gym class after last night's game. (Gestures to someone outside the door) Would you like to come on in?

(Kurt enters, the class begins speaking in hushed whispers. Reaction shots from Megan and John show them looking shocked.)

KURT: Hello everyone! I'm Kurt Corvis, it's nice to meet you all, and I look forward to devouring your souls to make way for the coming of the old gods!

(Megan covers her face. Laugh Track.)

MRS. ANN: Wow, with a performance like that, we'd love to have you in theater! Isn't that right, John?

(John looks mortified. Laugh Track.)

MRS. ANN: Well, Kurt, you can go ahead and take a seat, there's… oh, right next to Megan and John! You won't have a book yet, so hopefully Megan and John will be kind enough to share with you for the day.

(Kurt takes a seat just behind Megan and John.)

KURT: What a coincidence, didn't expect to see you here Megan.

JOHN: Yeah, right. We're not going to let you conquer the wor-

KURT: So, do you mind if I share a book with you for the day, Jim, since Meg's giving me the cold shoulder?

JOHN: It's John!

(School bell rings. Megan and John quickly walk out of class.)

JOHN: This is unbelievable! That guy is a total jerkwad. What did you ever even see in him?

MEGAN: You have to admit, there's just something charming about a guy who can feast on the soul of anyone who stands against you.

JOHN: Yeah…

(The two share a glance. Megan looks confused.)

JOHN: Uh… I have to go to theater, we meet after school. I'll see you at home. Don't start dating any ancient death gods or anything while I'm gone.

MEGAN: It was a one time thing!

(Laugh track.)

(John walks into theater, and sets his backpack down. When he looks up, Kurt is sitting beside him.)

JOHN: Oh, come on!

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