Red Wolf

I know the red wolf is close now, I can hear its howls louder and my leg is in pain,

I see…. I see scratch marks on my room, I sit here writing this waiting for my, well my death but I don’t want you all to be left with questions I will tell you everything from the beginning as sort of a “will”

You remember my dear little Mary? She was sick for months and it only gotten worse I was sure I would’ve seen her slip from me just like her, I couldn’t let that happen now I wouldn’t let that happen! So I talked to the traveling doctor that stopped by two weeks ago, you all remember him? I talked to him about Mary, if there is anything he can do, if there is anything I can do

“The blood forest” he said almost inaudibly “there is no other way, I suggest you find a mercenary quickly”

“What do you want me to bring” I muttered

“The blue flower that grows there at night, you can’t miss it but I don’t have to tell you have dangerous that is, I will be back in a week” and so he left

I didn’t have a choice, I didn’t have enough money and neither could I ask the village to spare me some money when our situation is already worse and winter is coming soon. So I decided to go by myself, praying to whatever can hear me that I will return with the flower

I took my grandfather’s blunderbuss and recited the rules of the blood forest

1.Do not speak or you voice will be taken
2.Do not eat in the forest or your teeth will be taken
3.Do not harm the trees of the forest or your heart will be taken
4.Listen, always listen, and run when you hear the prince's call

And lastly the worst thing you can do, do not bleed on the forest or your very essence will be taken

Suffice to say you already know what rule I broke, and judging by the screams you will hear soon you will know I am dead by the morning, I went there gathering all my courage with the blunderbuss in hand, at first it went well I managed to find where the flower is supposed to grow with relative ease, dodging thorny trees and “fly” traps with none of the beasts of the forest seen in sight, and so I sat there waiting for night time.

the sun had set, the flower bloomed I could hear screech and howls of creatures smelling me, picked up the flower and ran like hell, I heard them chasing me, I even heard a human voice over all the monstrous screech and calls “over here! It’s safe here”, I kept running I was almost out but my leg was cut in one of these thorny branches, I held my self from screaming but I was in pain, at that time I didn’t even think about what just happened, I just ran, I-I should’ve known I should’ve stopped the bleeding as soon as I could but I didn’t.

at first it was just a regular wound but after 3 days I noticed I started having the same nightmare, I was in the forest again, it was at night and it was dead quiet, I saw for a moment flash of something red moving really fast, it was heading towards me, I started running it leaped on my and I woke up, I always woke up with scratch marks on my back or torso depending nowhere the thing landed and the wound were always open, I was hiding this from you all, remember all the bandages I asked for father Rodrick? That was that,
by the end of the week I heard this a wolf howling every night just before I sleep, every time I heard it the wound on my leg felt like it was opening up I felt immense pain as I notice that the wound didn’t heal even a little ever since I got it

I woke up to find the doctor on my doorstep I gave him the flower and he will be said he will be working on a medicine right away as he walked straight to our village small nursing hall
It was nice you know? Seeing her doing well every day smiling again and even walking a little again on the contrary I feel more and more pain and feel like I am losing more of my sanity, I started seeing it flash of red at night STARING AT ME by the fifth day I started seeing scratch marks inside my room, none of you seem to noticed when I invited you all to the small party we did to celebrate Mary’s sudden cure, I tried to stay happy awhile staring at my room

I can hear thumping at my door, I guess I need to close now before, well I will be gone, Rodrick.. I know I wasn’t the biggest believer out there, I know how many times I skipped Sunday’s to work on the field but please take care of here I wi-

That night the small town heard a terrifying screech for only a moment proceeded by something tearing apart they all ignored it understanding the situation quickly, at morning the entered the farmer’s house to discover a body devoid of blood, and a huge opening on the stomach to the mouth, the buried they body not speaking a word about it again

Mary still talks about a red humanoid figure staring at her from the window, singing a familiar lullaby

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