Researcher Peters' Personal Journal
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Current WIP tales

- The Old Frog Archives - A strange creature gives you a beautiful tour of its ancient archive of frogs and toads. There may also be some newts, salamanders, and primordial beasts.
- Collin Robob's Robot Catalog - A collaborative piece where writers can enter their own unique robot idea to be sold by the Robob's Robot Company!
- PSA's from Space - A collection of public service announcements from far beyond the stars. All sorts of problems plague even the stars beyond the view of our greatest telescopes, and sometimes we, or other alien worlds, pick up the spacewaves carrying public service announcements to the alien beings of unusual worlds.

Collin Robob's Robot Catalog

Hey, you! Do you like robots? Of course you do! If you didn't, then why would you pick up a catalog to order one of Robob's fantastic mechanical models to place in your home! Take a look through the list of breathtaking pieces that Robob's Robot Company has to Offer!

The Old Frog Archives

This world feels like a dream, but you feel so connected. You enter the only building in sight, an old museum-themed building with large frogs sitting on the two pillars standing proudly in front of the entrance.

The creature you see confuses you deeply, yet calms you with its presence. The beast stands far taller than you, with many basketball-sized mystical eyes floating about its large, bulbous form. The odd being can be heard humming at the top of its towering body.

As you tug on its long, deep green robes like a child, it stops singing its croaking tune and its floating eyes fill with glee as they begin hovering around you.

Ah! You have finally arrived! I am the Grand Amphibian Curator, and I am here to lead you through the deep, rich strongholds under my watch. Come, take my hand, and let me take you along through The Old Frog Archives…

As the Grand Amphibian Curator says this, a long tentacle climbs down from the side of its massive body from one of the many hundreds of sleeves on its clean, green robes. The entity waits expectantly until you eventually grasp what is happening and you grab its soft tentacle hand.

Allow me to take you to a magical world, dear friend. You will encounter truly beautiful things in the only destination for our journey, The Great Big Hall of Amphibians! We very highly advise against flash photography, it spooks the poor photosensitive curators…

The curator begins floating towards the massive archway at the end of the very pond-esque lobby with you following suit. Why you decide to follow the being is beyond your reason. It seems friendly though, so you really don't mind a tour around this ethereal museum.

[[include component:image-block
name= froggytoy.jpg |
caption=The first exhibit.|

Our first exhibit can be seen right next to you, dear visitor! It's name is Croaky! Go ahead and say hi to your first new friend on this absolutely exhilarating exhibition!

You attempt to say "hello" to the plastic frog, but you can't seem to let out any sounds from your mouth. In fact, it feels as if your lips have been glued shut! You brush this off with the hundreds of other dreamlike qualities of this realm and simply wave to the toy, expecting nothing more to come from the frog than what you see.

PSAs from Space

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