Researcher Peters' Personal Journal
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Current WIP tales

- Collin Robob's Robot Catalog - A collaborative piece where writers can enter their own unique robot idea to be sold by the Robob's Robot Company!
- PSA's from Space - A collection of public service announcements from far beyond the stars. All sorts of problems plague even the stars beyond the view of our greatest telescopes, and sometimes we, or other alien worlds, pick up the spacewaves carrying public service announcements to the alien beings of unusual worlds.

PSAs from Space


The TV turns on late at night, and a haunting buzz fills the dark room. The fuzz forms into a gray alien with slick brown hair and a tidy suit. He proposes to the viewer a simple question…

"Are you Earthlings aware of the many other civilizations in the galaxy? If you are, then you will not be surprised to hear that we face similar issues on our planets that plague your Earthly homes. We wish to transmit to your kind a few samples of the "public service announcements", as your world calls them. This should provide you with a few of the ways that our kind, though very alien to you, is not so different to you."

The TV turns back to fuzz for a few seconds, then the first PSA begins.

Spacefly DUI

The scene opens onto an asteroid floating in space, accompanied by an energetic rock song. A group of odd alien friends have spent a few hours at the bar on said asteroid, enjoying a night of fun and laughs. They've all had too much to drink, and they don't plan on leaving their ship there. One of the friends, a short blue-skinned alien with the head of a fly, proposes that he'll get his friends home. Another guy, an alien with six tentacles for limbs and short eye stalks, agrees that his friend should fly everyone back home. With at least one other friend agreeing to the fly-headed man, a unanimous decision is made, and they head out of the bar.

The scene fades into the spaceship, where the drunk friends are all sitting together. The music from the bar is loud enough to echo in the ship. Their talking and the music are both heavily blurred, and the vision of the camera is obscured as well. The video blurs into nothingness, then fades into the point of view of the fly, with the hexagonal vision of a fly.

In a haze, the fly keeps sending the ship right towards a massive asteroid, even as a few of his friends start yelling at him to look out. This goes on for a few seconds, then the camera cuts to black as a loud crash is heard. The camera fades back into the site of the crash, where the flaming rubble of the spaceship and body of the fly. A police cruiser-ship shows up on the scene far too late, siren blaring in the silence of space.

Text rises from the bottom of the screen like a credits reel reminding the viewer of the dangers behind flying in space while under the influence.

Venus- It's Nothing Like its Blue Neighbor!

A group of teen Martians is arguing over which planet to hop over to for a "totally cool hangout". One Martian, a dark green chap with short antennae wearing an Earthling baseball cap, insists they visit Earth again. One of his friends, a cyan-skinned Martian with twirling antennae wearing an Earthling sweatshirt, retorts explaining they had been to Earth last week. After about a minute of silence, a third friend, a blue martian wearing nothing but a pair of Earthling sunglasses taped to his face, suggests they go to Venus.

A chorus of "ooh"s flows from the rest of the teens. The green fellow, visibly worried, questions this decision. His parents lectured him on many different occasions about the dangers of Venus. Tragically, his concerns fall upon deaf ears, only causing his fearless friends to bellow with laughter. This would spell their end.

The camera cuts to the five alien friends entering Venus' atmosphere, as dramatic music begins playing. They are doomed, as they lose control of the ship, and they crash down onto the deadly planet. A deep-voiced narrator states that planning a trip to Venus is just like planning your death. The scene fades out to a logo of Venus with a circular cross over it, and the words "Venus- It's Nothing Like its Blue Neighbor!" are placed under the logo.

Attack of the Moonmen!

The video opens like a 1950's horror movie, with the title appearing in a scary font. The scene pans down to a pair of floating, cephalopod aliens are searching the surface of Earth's moon, probing the ground for samples of lunar soil. A narrator asks the audience if this scene looks dangerous, then states that danger is right around the corner. A dramatic orchestral theme plays as the scene fades out over the surface of the moon.

A wave of darkness starts flying down the surface of the moon, and a group of mysterious figures forms in the shadows, showing nothing but glowing soulless eyes. The hapless octopodid aliens are overtaken by darkness and ambushed by the humanoid beings. They are dragged away from their ship and forced to remove their helmets.

For a few seconds, the POV is from one of the unfortunate aliens, who sees one of the horrid creatures until they blackout.

The camera fades into a view of the two aliens in their ship, both growing sluggish due to the cold the duo was exposed to. The same narrator from the beginning states that cold-blooded aliens could wind up dead in the freezing cold of the dark side of the moon.

"Remember, cold and warm-blooded folks alike. The cold can kill, especially on the dark side of the moon…"

More than a Gadget

Festive music plays as an Earthling family celebrates Christmas. The children begin opening presents, receiving all sorts of toys and goodies from Good Saint Nick. After opening all of the gifts around the tree, the parents bring out a particularly large present, which elates the children. They open the gift with gusto, revealing a butler-robot! Everyone is so happy!

After a little scene of the family hugging and laughing with the robot, a montage begins. At first, everything seems fun and jolly, with stock Christmas music playing. The montage shows the butler cleaning, cooking, feeding the family, fetching the mail, and everything seems fine. The robot trips on a toy left on the floor by one of the kids, and tumbles to the floor. The music starts breaking down as the family is shown treating the robot more and more cruelly. They berate, punch, kick, and even actively forget to charge the robot.

The unsettling music comes to a complete stop as the robot lands with a metallic crash onto a pile of garbage. The camera pans out to an expansive garbage dump as somber Christmas music played on a piano fades in. A woman begins listing off statistics, explaining to the viewer that far too many androids are being bought as Christmas gifts only for the family to find out that the poor thing is too much work to take care of.

The woman asks the viewer to consider donating to the organization that is aiming towards protecting the digital lives of robot servants. If someone decides to give monthly donations to this group, they will be sent a t-shirt of any color with the handsome face of a robot butler plastered on the front and the organization's name on the back. The video ends with the woman stating that robot servants are more than just scrap metal, they should be like family.


As the final PSA comes to a close, the TV turns off, then turns back off, a loud buzz in the room again. The alien gives a farewell to the audience, asking if the viewer found the clips interesting. He states that he hopes this broadcast will help bring mankind into the rest of the galaxy, and the TV turns off with a loud beep.

The door opens once the TV turns off, and it seems that nobody saw the broadcast. Maybe next time, I suppose.

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