Rise of Alagada

A great many years ago, after the Sarkite-church War, was a kingdom filled with a kind of happy folk. Now, this town had been greatly harmed from the war to the point where collapse was almost inevitable. The king of the land there, whose name has been lost to time, wanting to preserve his kingdom, began to sacrifice his subjects to the ungodly being known as Yaagabath, who promised riches for all who inhabited the land. Over time, those who had witnessed the horrible monstrosities happening in the now-hellish dungeon spread rumors among the people. The populace, who were already wanting a scapegoat for their pain and suffering, soon began a revolution founded on the belief that the Tyrant Demon King wanted nothing more than to torture and kill. Despite the naivety, it still gained force and its supporters grew, and in a short few months, a raid was held against the Castle at the midnight hour. The court inside was butchered and bloodily slaughtered by the raging mob that had entered uninvited. When the mob found the King sitting alone in his chambers cackling in a pool of blood and human feces, they tied him in thick steel chains and shackles as they dragged him into a crowd of protesters. His limbs were rashed. His skull was bashed. His back was lashed, but despite these mortal injuries he laughed the entire time. He would not bleed. Soon, they brought him to a hill near the city's gate where he was to be hanged like a common criminal. While approaching the hill, the crowd caught sight of a small group of shadowy figures watching them from behind the thick foliage surrounding the hill. The procession continued despite their fear until they reached the hill. Once there, they roughly removed the chains and stuffed his head through a noose, all while a creeping sense of dread grew within their hearts. When the King had finally died, a sound like no other rang through the ears of those inhabiting Alagada. The King had sacrificed the souls of his people for his own life. The Kingdom was then ripped from the plane, leaving only ruins of itself behind. The great unending and everlasting Kingdom of the Hanged King was formed. An infinite celebration of his death was proclaimed among the people. The King was dead, yet he still ruled the land

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