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It has no hall or teachers or students. It is from no world, made by no people, follows no theory. Empresses look upon the decadence of their courts and sigh, knowing its movements will never enter their palace walls. In the forgotten streets of their cities, across every multiverse, wherever there is destitution, suffering, victims, the Dance appears. It always begins slowly. A head nods. A body shifts. A shudder is felt by all, but at first, no one moves. The person to first step into the circle is nervous. They don’t know what force is making their feet tap, or guiding the swing of their hips. Soon they have no fear. The Dance moves them, and they release everything else. Soon the whole group swirls through the streets. They move without fear, purpose, or cause. They move only with the Dance.,_Carlo_(1850-1925)_-_n._8353_-_Roma_-_Museo_Lateranense_-_Schiavo_-_Statua_greca_non_finita_trovata_in_Via_Coronari.jpg

Ah, it was so long ago that Hayushinla learned to hate. What was the first thing that caught his eye, that made him realize that everything in every world must be despised? It must have been a beetle. Yes, it is easy to picture him walking through his family’s garden, staring at the dirt, when he sees a crawling dung beetle. This insect, this supposed creature of heaven’s creation, he thinks, is doing nothing but rolling dung into a ball. For many hours he follows this creature, until the sun sets and Hayushinla must return home without light. The next day, as soon as day breaks, he returns to find a dung beetle and follow it. For several days he does this. Eventually he decides his observations are over and he has learned one clear thing: the dung beetle has no purpose besides rolling dung. It exists to feed from and revel in foulness. If such a creature can exist in this world, then surely the heavens cannot be beautiful. Therefore, the only justifiable reaction is hate.

Most beings think of transcendence as something vast. When we become enlightened, they say, we tap into a new realm of existence beyond and greater than ourselves. The heavens open up to us, these seas shows us the true scale of its breadth and depth, and even the tiniest thought seems to magnify into entire Libraries. The divinity of YJYJYJYJ (speakers may repeat the syllable as many or as few times as they wish, even fractionally, inversely, or negatively, though the proper usage and method of this remains a subject of considerable debate) understands the opposite also holds true, that Nothingness is a chasm the depths of which match the heights of Being’s mountain. Carefully YJYJYJ tucks away pieces of itself, working down a path only it understands and which has only one possible route. YJ folds, bends, blocks, hides, reverses, elides, conceals and silences without stop. Until _ has disappeared and unreality remains.,_Chambers_Memorial,_Edinburgh.jpg,_bronze.jpg

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