Runs Like Clockwork

Under the Dust

*This is a rough outline of the story I will tell here, not a finished product*

(An audio file found on a small flash drive under the Great Dust Pile on Pangea3. There is no name attached to the file, and it has been recorded here.)

*Ambient noise (from loudest to quietest): Wind whipping around device, fumbling from the holder around the device, loud WHUMPs coming from ahead of the device, screaming of approximately 5,000- 10,000 voices (assumed to be human), car alarms, shouted words, sirens and klaxons. *

Voice of Holder, presumed to be male, human. Age: Unknown.
"Uhh… uhh… Is it on? Oh good, um, I need to record this. Um. Kay, so I'm at 108th and Parley, Downtown Openfield. It's, um, 12: 45 pm, and there are two people up there, hovering, um. One of them has this big light and it shines on things and they go poof, and the other one is warping stuff, and things are flying everywhere and… oh god.

*Heavy breathing, more wind, a large crunch can be heard very close to the Holder, but the sound is masked by a whoosh. The Holder seems to be running, but more whooshing can be heard, as though running through a powder.*

"I'm running, just passed 106th, and there is… there is so much dust, it's everywhere. The buildings are crumbling, and the people, and everyone… everyone is just crumbling away. The dust, it's gray, and…

*Holder coughs, wind quiets.*

"The people in the air, one of them is wearing a blue puffy jacket, and the other has these big brown boots. The rest of them… they are wearing black for the rest of them.

(Quieter) God there is so much dust!

(Louder) They are closing off the city, and the air force is already on their way. The police are here, but they disappeared when they started to shoot. Just turned to dust, like a fairytale. (Hysterical laughter) Did I say the time? It's 12… 12: 47, on a Monday afternoon, and… its August, 2346. The… the Portation servers must be down, or they fell. I can't Walk anywhere, the… I gotta g-

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