Samantha SS

Individual of Interest

Samantha Shadowslayer

She appeared one day, through a portal made of her Soul's magic. She is the Queen of a nation called Celestrum in a World where most humans (and other creatures besides), can use various magiks.

Open entering, she was, regrettably, met with hostility, as we thought she was The Jailors, or other groups that would try and harm or subjugate us. After we realized that she was not part of any of those groups, we apologized for, and explained our behavior, which she accepted, and told us that she understood caution.

She and her Nation are one of the few people or groups that we not only allow into the Library, but are given a friendly welcome. Even though she deals with the Jailors, the Madmen, the Magpie, and others, she gave a sworn oath on an object from her world, (though we do not know if the object can do anything other than bind people to oaths, we have confirmed the oaths cannot be broken), to not betray us to any known or unknown groups of intrigue purposefully, and that she won't open any of her Doorways (as she calls her portals) in any world but hers if it opens to the Library.

The Nation of Celestrum, was founded by Samantha after she slew an evil king of Cela and then annexed a city-state called Meletrum. Though beyond that, she is closed mouthed and will not say more, though the citizens are an open mouthed group, and say there was recent trouble, trouble that I cannot write here, but it would be the equivalent of the Madmen subjugating the Library.

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