Sandbox of Haniq: State of the Sunset
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Sunset Nation
In the land of cherry blossom, a new nation was born.
Wise warlords have given the power to rule the new state to the people,
And people allowed those warlords to lead them,
Through the highest highs and lowest low.

But, as they get older, they were quickly replaced by those stronger and younger.
The power of people was given to greedy new warlords.
Older warlords started a civil war.

In response, the Goddess of the Sun came down to the land of cherry blossom,
And ended the war by separating the sunset from the sunrise.
Young warlords went to the land of sunrise and chosen an emperor
While those older stayed at the sunset and gave the power to rule back to people
Peace came back to the land of cherry blossom.

- Lost page of Shishu Zaysunta's „Story of 18 and a Half warlords”

Message from Parallel Dimensions Discovery Committee.

In connection with the Wanderer's Library's request for us to share knowledge about the State of the Sunset, the Parallel Dimensions Discovery Committee recognizes the right of the Library to have a copy of the document in which the knowledge acquired by us is contained. Let it be a symbol of good relations between our Committee and the Wanderer's Liblary.

The State of Sunrise- ( 12 980 BC- 723 BC )The Sunrise State, known today on Earth as the Japanese State is an insular country located in Eastern Asia. It seemed to us that the culture of the Japanese state is equivalent to that of the prevailing State of the Sunset. However, on closer examination of the book „18 and a half warlords” it turns out that after this era the event described as "The Great Pomerania" happened. The "Great Pomerania" was probably an invasion of another civilization on the Sunrise State. During this invasion, most of those who came to Earth from the Sunset State were killed along with the last emperor of the Sunrise State. By misunderstanding the new nation of the Japanese was designated the "rising sun nation", thus taking over part of the culture of the former state.

State of the Sunset- ( ~ 14 000 BC- ? ) The Sunset State is the name of a country that exists in another dimension. The only credible records about this country come from the book "18 and a Half warlords" and notes written by members of the Sunrise State describing their past experiences in Sunset State, which makes it difficult to determine whether the records are true.
However, with the resources available to us, we were able to approximate the appearance, history, and culture of the Sunset State

Appearance- Appearance of the Sunset State, as well as the entire dimension in which it is located, is poor in any mountains or hills, the climate is quite warm (with only three seasons, as due to the high temperatures the snow almost not present at all). Wheat is probably the most often cultivated plant there, while local farmers already had the technology to create wheat products when the state was created. Local infrastructure is a very well developed road network connecting all major cities. It is impossible to determine how advanced developed is the State of the Sunset now because we do not have any reliable documents from the last five centuries regarding these aspects. The gate to the Sunset State is in the place where the emigrants from the State of the Sun came to earth. We confirmed that it is the island of Kyushu. The gate itself is located in a temple located in the central part of the island, although it has been closed for over 500 years.
Because of this, we have pieces of information about how it looked in the year 1400 AD from our agent in the Exploration team.

History- The history of the Sunset State is vague and inaccurately described. As in many other cases, we mainly included "History of 18 and a Half Warlords". Like many other books, it indicates the interference of the "Sun Goddess" in creating this dimension. It was (often referred to as she) to connect the rays of light and create a man as we know him today. After that, for the next about 1000 years, The State of the Sun existed in great prosperity, accumulating a huge amount of books in its libraries. However, while the new warlords (there were 19 of them) have taken control of State and fought for power, almost all books were most likely burned. This period ended the rebellion of the former rulers and the eventual takeover of power. We suppose the support of the Goddess for the rebels. After this period, a gigantic number of expatriates set off from Sun State to Earth. After its completion, the State of the Sun was divided into states of Sunset and Sunrise. The State of the Sunset has returned to its former tradition and began re-recording the burned books.
Their rapid development can be considered as a result of cooperation with the Wanderer's Library, however, we have denied this theory as the Library members themselves do not have any knowledge about the Sunset State and there are no books about it in Library itself.

Nowadays, we noticed that an organization designated by you „Jailors” discovered the location of the gate to Sunset State. However, when their field agent approached the gate, he was immediately murdered by 1730 cuts inflicted on his head with an unknown tool, the handle of which was on the other side of the gate. Gate itself remained open for the next 2 minutes, however passing it was impossible due to the aggressive behavior of the tool.

Culture- The culture of the Sunset State assumes that every man should strive to increase his knowledge that having it is the greatest gift you can receive. Residents live according to tradition, they build many libraries and schools, which everyone regardless of age and their level of proficiency can attend for free. The inhabitants of this country attach great importance to agriculture, often trying new methods of farming. We believe that religion does not play a large role there, and the inhabitants are limited to a short, morning prayer in thanks to the Goddess of the Sun for the gift of life. Most of the inhabitants are against militarism, we think they limit their armed forces to a minimum. Most of them are probably stationed near the Gate.

Although most of the important information is included here, unfortunately, some of it maybe isn't valid. For this reason, the Parallel Dimensions Discovery Committee have prioritized sending the Exploration team to the Sunset State when Gate will be open for next time. We will share the results of our exploration with Wanderers Library only if you decide to help us get through the Gate. We believe that your support will bring great benefits to both sides.

This project is approved by Main Organizator Mrs. Dunshu, Organizator Mrs. Hyniung, and Mr. Shard.

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