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Introduction: Carrin

The House of Carrin is a large, prestigious house in the land of Forlorn, renowned for its skill in mundane and arcane automata. Respected heavily even by the King, the House of Carrin relies heavily on its secretive expertise in arcane mechanical means to maintain its properties and to form their standing armies, thus reducing its reliance on potentially traitorous serfs. The few serfs that the House does retain are usually as foot-soldiers, freeing up the Knights to peform specialist tasks for their lord.

There is rumor among the other houses that there are members in Carrin that are not human, that their nobles have committed grave heresies by replacing their body parts with those fashioned from machinery… but no-one from within the House will confirm these rumors.

Tree and Bloodlines

The following is the tree of the House:

The House of Carrin
Current Lord
Duke Damian Carrin III
Calvin Bloodline Carrin Bloodline Comox Bloodline
Baron Gareth Calvin I Baron Hector Carrin V Baroness Celine Comox
Knights of Calvin Knights of Carrin Knights of Comox
Victor George Abigail
Francis Amarius Julianne

The Cairus Oath

Notable Members

House Secrets

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