Scantron's Shoebox

Shoeboxes are not sandboxes.

In a sandbox, you create, build up, and destroy. A sandbox is ephemeral, and inevitably sand filters away, one way or another. You wipe yourself off when it gets dark out and go inside for dinner.

With a shoebox, you take the pair of shoes and wear them until they are worn out. A shoebox contains a necessity, or a gift. It contains something you show to others, and wear as a statement of who you are.

This is not a sandbox. It is a shoebox.

one sweetest taste
tongues recoil
they find it wrong
tongues are still alive

springing from a man's skin
clings to the skin later
knows its place and scent
we have human shells

it warms the cold body
the cold grave
dead body
just like the past
can be the now

a red way to think
and know again
the brain stays awake
a human brain
human thoughts

drink blood
drink life
be dead and drink life
only you
not a human
not a person
feel what you like
i spit on us

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